Parque National Chile in Chiloe

The National Park of Chile in Chiloe is besides absolutely amazing nature and view, is also very well known for extreme weather conditions. Actually their conditions are so extreme that brands like Patagonia and North Face are testing their new gear here, before they start to sell it. These are the pictures from the park during a beautiful weather.

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but with our luck, we get to experience why North Face and Patagonia tests their gear here.

It was not just raining, but the had very strong and cold wind from the Pacific Ocean. In November, this kind of weather normal, but I was walking with another student that studies in Michigan, and our conversation was as following.

“Do you also complain about the cold winters in Michigan?”

“Yes, but not anymore.”

The rain, temperature, and wind created really brutal conditions and some people say that study abroad makes people realize about what they want to do. Well, I definitely do not want to Patagonia or North Face tester and be send here during winter.

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