Bromance at its Finest

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a bromance is “a close nonsexual friendship between men.” Hmmm….sounds about right!

Something I have been able to find at college…Bromance. Meet my bro and roomie this year, Noah.

One our moms asked us to take a “roommate pic,” so we did the cliché roomie picture, but added a little bit of “us” into it.

He’s a pretty rad dude. Noah and I met around second semester my freshman year. We hit it off right away and have been bros ever since having many of good adventures with each other, having great “pillow talks” (roomie talks when we go to bed at the same time), and have been able to hold each other accountable in many different aspects in out lives.

I know that so many people say “College is a time to make long-lasting relationships”…well guess what? They weren’t lying. I truly value the broship that I have with Noah. More than just Noah, I enjoy the relationships that I grow into daily.

bowl and noah
This is when Noah, a group of friends, and I went to this giant sand dune called the “Bowl” my freshman year.

But back to this Bromance. This particular broship is also extra exciting for me because it could be called one of my first bromances. In high school, I didn’t have many guy friends due to the small size of my school and me not understanding about how to be social. Before coming to college, It was my hope to find some solid male friendships as that is something my life had lacked. It took time (a little more than a semester), but eventually I did find it and what a privilege it is.

College is an amazing opportunity to make lasting relationships, because unlike high school, students are with their friends 24/7. In college, someone can use the opportunity and the people around for seriousness, accountability, and fun. Reason #248053945 why I like college, Community. Reason #1 why I like HOPE College: The Thriving Community.

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Published by John Luke Hawkins

My name is John Luke Hawkins and I am a sophomore at Hope. I am from the small agriculture town of Tipton, Indiana. I love my new Home sweet Hope. Currently, I double majoring in Communications and Religion. When I am not doing homework (too often), I might be working one of my jobs as a Library Worker, Overnight Host, or Student Blogger. If I am not doing homework or work, I am probably doing something with my numerous organizations that I am involved in such as Dance Marathon, Gospel Choir, Intramurals, Nykerk, and a small group. If I come up with free time amongst all that, then I like to run, free dance, self-reflect, go on adventures, and spend time with friends. Hope College has really helped me discover who I am. Here it is in seven words: energetic, organized, contemplative, determined, silly, social, and intentional.

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