10 Things to Add to Your Christmas List

HEY! Guess what?!?!? Christmas is just around the corner. So that means people are making their gift list. As the majority of you reading these blogs are pre-college, yet soon to enter into your freshman year, here are 10 possible ideas for things you may want to add to your Christmas wish list!

1. Laptop

cat animated GIF

A laptop is a must to survive in college. If you don’t have one yet, now may be the time to think of asking for one.

2. Longboard

My friends and I love to ride.

It is good to have fun things to do. Longboards aid in that fun.

3. Frisbee

hungry animated GIF
Used for frolf (Frisbee golf), tossing a Frisbee around, or a snack.

Not just any flimsy frisbee though, a nice one so that you can play the frolf course well.

4. Cell phone

That moment my phone took “Middle Part Friday” too literally.

This was actually a real thing for me as I didn’t get my first phone until May of my senior year. Also a necessity.

5. Hope Apparel

Gotta rep the school.

Hope apparel… both stylish and comfortable.

6. Lots of underwear

new girl animated GIF

Laundry costs money. How do you  do less laundry and thus save money? …more underwear. Boom.

7. Hammock

This is a picture of my friends utilizing their hammocks to the fullest.

A great place to nap, do homework, or just hang (see what I did there?)

8. TV/Speakers

cone animated GIF

These things are nice to have in the dorm, whether that is to relax and watch a movie or have a bumping dance party.

9. Water Bottle

Meet my water bottle. She is my sustainer.

I got a wattle bottle my first year and drink from it non-stop now.

10. A car! Haha just kidding…but really.

car animated GIF

It is a lovely thing to have a car while being a college.

Just some things to keep in mind as the Christmas season is approaching! One a different note, I have exam week this week, and then I am on break! Yippee!

For more about me, follow me on twitter @hopejohnluke17 or on Instagram at johnlukehawkins. Until next time!

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My name is John Luke Hawkins and I am a sophomore at Hope. I am from the small agriculture town of Tipton, Indiana. I love my new Home sweet Hope. Currently, I double majoring in Communications and Religion. When I am not doing homework (too often), I might be working one of my jobs as a Library Worker, Overnight Host, or Student Blogger. If I am not doing homework or work, I am probably doing something with my numerous organizations that I am involved in such as Dance Marathon, Gospel Choir, Intramurals, Nykerk, and a small group. If I come up with free time amongst all that, then I like to run, free dance, self-reflect, go on adventures, and spend time with friends. Hope College has really helped me discover who I am. Here it is in seven words: energetic, organized, contemplative, determined, silly, social, and intentional.

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