There are Some Pretty Cool Places in West Michigan

Last Sunday, part of my close family came to visit me at Hope College. I had the opportunity to speak Czech, my native language, they brought me British tea and the most delicious candy on Earth named Fidorka. But, I also had the opportunity to travel around of Holland and West Michigan area. I realized the greatness of other places like Grand Rapids and Tunnel Park, which are just in the 50-mile radius of Holland.

In August, when I was coming to Hope College for the first time, I landed at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, but I had never been in the actual city. The downtown of Grand Rapids is just fabulous. I really liked the fact it is small and modern. I felt little bit like I would be in some bigger European city. It has nice park next to river for calm Sunday walks, but it has a lot of restaurants and bars for Friday nights as well. Also, Grand Rapids’ downtown has a lot of local restaurants with original themes and only few chain restaurants like Olive Garden, which is something that, in the current world of large corporations, is a rarity. 

Also, we went to Tunnel Park. Well, I had been at Tunnel Park before, but I had never been there during a sunset. The view was spectacular. I could not picture a better scenery than this:

The breath taking view of the fall sunset at Western Michigan.
The breath taking view of the fall sunset at Western Michigan. #nonfilter

It truly fascinating how little like beach, lake and the sun can make people think and enjoy that much. Based on those two experience that I had over the past week, Holland area has some phenomenal places. Just be there in the right time with the eyes open!

Lastly, to all of you,  who would like to know how does heaven taste, then you should try the Czech candy named Fidorka. I will not try to describe the taste of Fidorka, because simply there are no words for that!

Czech candy names Fidorka.
By many miles, the best and the most delicious candy in the World.
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