The Martian

I am definitely not qualified to write a movie review, so naturally that is exactly what I’m going to attempt to do. Over my Fall Break, I spent one hundred and sixty four minutes of my approximately six thousand, four hundred and eighty minute break in the movie theatre watching the same motion picture twice. I can confidently say it was easily the best one hundred and sixty four minutes of my entire vacation! Although I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the sciences, I am a real sucker for any science fiction movie. Last year, I saw Interstellar on the big screen during its premier week. My mind was completely blown. Despite the fact that the formulas and physics were way, way, way over my head, Interstellar easily took the top spot on my list of favorite flicks; and it remained in that position until this past weekend.

When I first saw previews for The Martian, I figured it would be close to an exact replica of Interstellar. With the same director and producer, I was positive The Martian would be equally as mind-blowing and astonishing. I was right in that aspect, but the two were very different in origin. Matt Damon, who plays the astronaut stranded on Mars, did an excellent job of portraying a quick-witted botanist, while still keeping his space-destined feet firmly planted firmly down to Earth. The majority of the scientific events that occurred throughout the film seemed plausible, but still kept me on the edge of my seat. Whereas, in Interstellar, some concepts seem so far-fetched that they are incredibly tough to relate to. In addition, unlike Interstellar’s more serious tone, amidst the drama that unfolds in The Martian, Matt Damon had many moments where he was able to provide much needed, and quite hilarious, comic relief.


I will not spoil the ending, of course. However, I will assure you that it is quite satisfactory. If you are looking for a space movie that does not fly straight over your head, The Martian would be a great place to start. That being said, if one is not enough, be sure to check out Interstellar, just be sure you are prepared for your mind to be sent on an emotional and intellectual roller coaster. At the end of the day, if any movie demands the complete attention of the Hope Men’s Soccer Team for more than two hours, it has to be a quality film.

I hope you have had a wonderful start to your week. Hope students, keep in mind it is already Thursday, only a day and a half until the weekend!

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