The Dance Marathon

Over the past weekend the tradition called Dance Marathon took place in the Dow Center. As a freshman I had no clue what should I imagine under the dance marathon. Should I imagine a lot of students running? Should I imagine a big dance performance? Nevertheless, it was neither of it. For those who do not know what the Dance Marathon is, like I did not know before Friday 7 p.m., the Dance Marathon is a charity event for less fortunate children.

During the Dance Marathon, Hope College students who are officially participating are staying up from 7 p.m. on Friday until 7 p.m. on Saturday. There is music playing, but when I visited I have not seen a lot of dancing. I saw a lot of posters on the walls and a lot of not Hope College children running around. The students do really have to stay up the whole 24 hours. I believe that they have some kind of few minute break but that is all. Other thing that surprised me was the amount of raised. The goal was raise over 190,000 USD, but the amount that actually was raised was 256,000 USD.

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The Dance Marathon final amount raised.
The Dance Marathon final amount raised.
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