Step Up Your Grub Game, Part 1

TGIF, Readers! Am I right?

If you’re like me, you LOVE eating in Phelps! To me, it’s more than just the food, it’s the people you’re with, the big picture windows, and the community that’s formed there. Ok…let’s be real, all those things are great, but the main reason we actually go to Phelps is to eat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Phelps is great – they always have very diverse food options to fit everyone’s style of eating, and most times, the main line options are pretty amazing, making choosing what to get super simple. But other times, there just isn’t anything that’s going to hit the spot for you that night. That’s what has happened to me the last few times I’ve gone into Phelps, so I figured I’d give you a little list of food options that can get you through almost any meal if the main meals don’t fit your fancy!

  1. Yogurt. Most people don’t know that Phelps has extremely yummy vanilla yogurt by the salad bar closest to the ice cream machines. Mix this with raisins, craisins, walnuts, granola mix, chocolate chips, fresh fruit or even Oreo pieces, and you’ve got a great addition to your meal that’s healthy too! Since I’ve discovered this, I eat it at every meal, no joke.
  2. Mexican Soup. This one involves a main ingredient that has to be served in Phelps in order to make it – Black Bean soup. Once you get the Black Bean soup, you can add all the Mexican toppings you want – sour cream, cheese, and tortilla chip and have a different twist on a regular soup. I love Mexican food, so I’ll definitely be trying this one soon.
  3. Speaking of Mexican food, you can take advantage of the Mexican station as well. I’m not a huge meat lover, so what I do is I ask for a plain tortilla and add all the vegetables they have. This gives me a quality veggie burrito that leaves me wanting more. Honestly though, sometimes I get a second one.
  4. The baked potato bar. Most people don’t know that every day Phelps has baked potatoes to add to your meal. Right next to the soup station, the baked potato bar has butter, sour cream, bacon bits, and anything you could want on a potato. It’s a nice starch addition to any plate.
  5. Fruit Salad. Every day, Phelps has fresh fruit. This gives the perfect opportunity for someone to make a healthy salad and be healthy, while also mixing it up with your food options.

Hopefully these were some helpful eating tips! This was just part one, so stay tuned for the part two where I’ll tell you about more different Phelps options. Have a great weekend, readers, and stay healthy!

Until next time!

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