Spreading the Christmas Spirit

My roommate, Kristin, and I love decorating our room. The decorations make it homey and they make it extra fun and festive around a holiday. And what holiday is more fun to decorate for than Christmas?


The limit does not exist for the amount of fun that can be had when decorating for Christmas and appreciating the final product.

The weekend after Nykerk (November 7th) I went to Meijer with Kristin and a few more friends from our floor to get items on our shopping lists. We made our way to the back of the store and temptation number one appeared: Christmas movies on sale. We bought three. (The Polar Express, Santa Clause 3, and Deck the Halls if you were wondering)
We were already feeling the jingle of Christmas spirit within us as we thought about impending Christmas movie nights and we made our way to the back of the store where we were faced with the real temptation: the Christmas Section. Trees with lights of all different colors and sizes stood on platforms before us. Aisles of lights and ornaments, mini trees and ribbons–we gave into temptation; it was time to decorate room 37 for Christmas.

Our haul: beautifully obnoxious wrapping paper for our door, a bright blue mini tree, snowflake ornaments, a star ornament, and candy cane lights.

Our justification: we have to decorate now because there would only be two weeks after Thanksgiving to appreciate the decorations before the end of the semester and that would not be nearly enough time.

That night after dinner, the fun began. I decorated the tree with the ornaments and some orange sequin ribbon (because if it’s a Hope-themed tree it’s appropriate for all seasons, right?) while Kristin went to work wrapping the door.

The following weekend Kristin came back from her home with ribbon to put a bow on our door and a garland for around our door frame. I made paper snowflakes in my free time like it was my job. (I felt like Buddy the Elf) Gradually the decorating came to a close and our room stood complete in all its Christmas spirit glory.

Now as the semester comes to a close we still don’t feel ready to give up our room’s Christmas spirit. Its joy and holiday cheer are getting me through this last stretch of studying and exams. Unfortunately taking down decorations is something that is mandatory before leaving for the end of the semester. With heavy hearts we will be un-decorating our room Tuesday during the 4:30-6:30 consideration hours. For the next five days we will be soaking in the shimmering wrapped door, Hope-y Christmas tree, and the abundant snowflakes so their spirit will live on in our hearts as we head home next week at the end of our first semester of college.

Hopefully some pictures of our decorations and Christmas themed links can add some Christmas spirit into your day!

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Enjoy and I hope you have a lovely day!
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