Perks of Hope College Living + Special Apartment Bonus

So you’re debating whether the Hope College Campus life is for you…. Not really sure if you should live on campus, off campus, commuter??? WELL. Do I have some good pointers for you. Here are the top reasons I LOVE living on campus and why I will for ALL FOUR YEARS of my undergrad education

Top reason:
1. My financial aid stays nice and happy like I like it. 🙂

Other reasons:

  • I don’t have to buy toilet paper. It’s always provided.
  • The physical plant man fixes all my problems like broken stove clocks and burnt out lightbulbs, and even helps me push my car out of a snowbank!!
  • I don’t pay for electricity or heat (ok you could debate that I do but really I would prefer to think that I don’t).
  • My driveway gets plowed whenever I want it to!!!!
  • I am 1.5 blocks away from all my classes (but sometimes that seems really far on Hope’s campus).
  • I can keep my 7+ meal plan so that I don’t starve!
  • When I need money, I can walk to an ATM in Dewitt Student Center (disclaimer: this money is not free. It comes from your account…I know…it was sad when I realized that too).
  • When it’s a snow day, I can still walk to the lab 😉
  • I literally never have to drive if I don’t want to.
  • I can get up at 8:22 for my 8:30 class and be on time!!!!
  • The Hope shuttle that drives around from residence hall to residence hall has a bus stop right at my driveway (SUPER CONVENIENT in this winter arctic weather).
  • Constantly furnished everything!!!

Now perks of living in an apartment on Hope’s campus:

  • I have a kitchen to myself!!! And I can bake whenever I please.
  • I have a living room that is very quiet.
  • Nobody is allowed in except people I like (ok this is true anywhere I suppose).
  • I can workout in my living room!
  • Hope provides shovels and salt for scary winter conditions.
  • I can put a standup kickboxing bag with my roommates face on it in the living room and she just laughs.
  • I can have an exercise ball to roll around on.
  • We are a part of a Hope College neighborhood ( a web of supportive community alliances).
  • I have a driveway for my little car to park in.
  • I have a backdoor that leads to wildlife (squirrels, skunks, kittens….).
  • I have my own WASHER AND DRYER. holler.
  • I can sleep anywhere in my apartment if I so desire.
  • I can have late night romcom movie sobbing sessions and nobody will know.
  • I have every appliance known to man and my kitchen fits them all!!!! (toaster, coffeepot, keurig, blender, crockpot x 3, espresso machine, microwave, rice cooker)
  • I can leave my homework all over my couch and nobody complains.
  • I can hang artwork all over the walls.

If that doesn’t make you excited to come to college, I’m not sure what will!!!! Send your questions and comments to or tweet me @hopeamanda15!!

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