Fun Past and Future Events

Being college students and all, taking breaks is necessary
in order to stay sane from all the homework and assignments thrown our way.
Well, last weekend, as well as this week, I got a fair share of entertainment both
from fellow Hope students and others. Last Friday, I really needed to unwind
and fortunately, the Students Activities Committee (SAC) had an evening full of
Vanderprov (Hope’s student comedy group) and brought in some professional
improvisational people from New York that performed for about two hours. The
beginning consisted of our Vanderprov group doing a few acts and then the main
show began. Although the beginning got off to a slow start, it provided plenty
of laughs once everybody got into the swing of everything. The comedians played
into many of Hope’s long-standing traditions like Pull and Nykerk, which was
hilarious because they didn’t completely understand the whole concept of the

Even after this comedy show, a bunch of my friends and I
rushed to the movie theater and saw Safe Haven. If you love chick-flicks as
much as I do, definitely go see this movie. Some of my friends had read the
book and were somewhat disappointed by the movie, but if you are just in the
mindset of watching a cute movie, this is the movie to see. Seriously, all of
Nicholas Sparks’ movies are amazing!

On Saturday, homework consumed most of the day, but once my
brain could no longer take any more knowledge being crammed into it, I went
with some people to see Argo. Surprisingly, I had never really heard about
the movie, but when I watched the trailer before seeing it, I was really
excited. I don’t know about you, but I love any movie that is based on a true
story because it makes the movie more believable and makes you really reflect
on the fact that it really happened.

After this past weekend, I put in my fair share of studying
and then eventually went to the Trine vs. Hope basketball game in the MIAA
Tournament. Fortunately we won, which means that Hope will be competing against
Calvin this upcoming Saturday! Tickets are on sale right now, so if you are in the
area, it’s a game you will not want to miss!

That’s about it for now. Don’t forget to follow me on
Twitter @hopeleslie15.

Published by Leslie Kempers

Hey Everyone! My name is Leslie Kempers and I am from Santa Ana, California. I am a Senior this year and am majoring in Exercise Science so after my time here at Hope, I will be pursuing a career in physical therapy! I have previously been involved with Nykerk and CASA and am excited to see what this year has in store for me. This place has become my second home and I have cherished every moment here at Hope College. Go Dutchmen!!!