Family Weekend!

Hello and Happy Halloween! As I am writing this from the comfort of my warm and cozy room, I can’t help but look outside of my window and see students bundled up in coats, boots and warm hats. I don’t want to accept the fact that winter is almost here:( Anyway, while I prepare myself for the cold weather, I am still excited about Family Weekend. Starting today through Sunday, Hope will be offering tons of fun activities for parents (and siblings!) to do on campus.  My mom and aunt are coming to visit me tomorrow! They came to visit me last year, but campus looks a bit different now, so I am excited to show them around. If you have family coming into town, here are some things I suggest you do while they are here:

1. Give them a campus tour!

Yes, it will most likely be cold tomorrow, so warn your family to come bundled up so you can give them a tour of campus! Show them your dorm hall and introduce them to your awesome roommate and friends 🙂 Show them where most of your classes are and even where you go to study as well as where you spend time hanging out with your friends. Check out Hope’s interactive map, if you haven’t already.

2. Eat at Phelps

Trust me when I say that Phelps is SO much nicer than it was when I was a freshman. It’s a lot bigger and the seat are so much comfortable. Take the time to sit down with your family, eat a good meal, and plan out the rest of your day. My mom has reminded me many times already that she just HAS to eat at Phelps the first thing when she arrives, so I can’t wait to show her around! Ticket prices to eat at Phelps are: Adults – $6.00, Children (5-12) – $3.00, Children (Under 5) – Free.

3. Go to the Juried Student Art Show

Our piece! #untitled
Our piece! #girlsrule

I am a little biased with this suggestion because I worked at the gallery this semester, but this year’s exhibit is worth seeing. Every year, students are able to submit a piece of artwork that is judged by a well known judge or curator, but this year ALL students were encouraged to submit something. There were pieces of paper left over from last year’s exhibit, so instead of throwing them away, students were encouraged to create an art piece with the paper as long as it retained its original dimensions (i.e. no cutting). My roommate and I decided to submit one, and we thought it came out pretty great! Check out the exhibit’s opening today at 4pm or tomorrow from 10am-5pm at the DePree Art Gallery.

4. Go to Nykerk!

I took my mom to see Nykerk last year not only to show her one of Hope’s many traditions, but also because some of my friends were participating. Even and odd year compete through song, play and oration and seeing everything come together makes for a very entertaining evening! Sadly tickets are currently sold out, but if you managed to buy them beforehand, enjoy the show! 80th Annual Nykerk Cup Competition, DeVos Fieldhouse, Saturday, Nov. 1 at 7 pm.

5.  Let your Sibling Sleepover!

If you have younger siblings, I think this is a great way to spend some alone time with them while the rest of the family goes off to do other things. Take them to Graves Hall to watch The Lego Movie and eat some snacks–it’s free! If I had younger siblings, I would have loved to show them around my dorm hall and have a fun sleepover 🙂

If you want to see a fully schedule of all Family Weekend Events, see here:

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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