Excitement in the Air

It feels good to be back. I’m not sure what it is – the winter air, maybe? It feels different, but it feels good. It could be the feeling of a new beginning, except without all of the nerves and awkwardness of first semester. It’s like I’m a freshman, but I’ve been through conditioning already. I know, pretty much, what I’m doing and what’s in store for me. I just feel so excited and I can’t explain it.

What’s there to be excited about for me at Hope this semester?

New Classes – After having the same classes and schedule for a whole semester, it’s nice to mix it up. We start tomorrow, and while I’m nervous, I’m excited to be taking more classes that I’m interested in!

New & Old Friends – Seeing everyone back on campus is fun. It’s overwhelming hearing people throughout Dykstra scream as their friends walk in with all of their stuff. I’m excited to be back with the people I met last semester, but also make new relationships with others!

Sorority Rush – Hope’s Greek Life does sorority and fraternity rush in the second semester, not the first. I’m not exactly sure if it’s for me yet, but I wouldn’t be doing myself a favor if I didn’t rush and find out! I’m really excited to see what’s in store for me in this area at Hope, and I will for sure keep anyone who’s interested in finding out about Greek Life at Hope updated on my experience!

Winter Fantasia – This is Hope’s formal, put on by the Student Activities Committee! It’s coming up pretty soon and it should be a fun time. I love any chance to get dressed up!

Sounds pretty exciting, huh? I look forward to posting more of my adventures from this semester, like last semester, here and thank you all for reading!

If you have any questions for me you can contact me at brookelyn.wharton@hope.edu, through Facebook, or my twitter @hopebrooke18! I’d love to answer them!

Published by Brooke Wharton

Hey there, my name's Brooke and I'm a sophomore at Hope right now from the southeast side of the state! I'm majoring in secondary English education with a psychology minor, so that I can spread the love of literature everywhere and maybe even become a counselor to help kiddos out with their current and future school life. So far at Hope I've helped with Time to Serve, joined a bible study, am 1-8 song girl, and a member of Greek Life! The only TV show I watch is New Girl, and I love reading young adult lit! You can email me brookelyn.wharton@hope.edu or follow me on twitter @hopebrooke18! You can always find me on Facebook, too!

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