When you come to college you have high hopes. You want to go out and make new friends, meet people and explore what there is to offer. Where do you begin? Here at Hope there are so many options for engaging in the bustling student life.

Student Activities Committee

SAC is a student lead committee at Hope College. They generate copious amounts of activities for all students to engage in. From painting pottery, planting plants, and Spring Fling, they do it all!

I know I have checked their website many times to see what is coming next on their calendar. Their events go the entire academic year as well! It’s not seasonal.

I personally have attended a pottery painting night, the silent disco, Spring Fling, and Coffee House. Not once was I bored or felt as though I was alone. All you hear around you is the buzzing of excitement and conversation. I found myself making friends at some of these events as a Freshman. I was a very quiet Freshman who chose to keep to themselves. Going to events hosted by SAC, I was able to break out of this shell and find community!


There are so many clubs here at Hope to chose from, and you don’t have to pick just one! Each club is student led and they engage with different aspects of learning. From the Gardening club to Geek life there is something for everyone!

I am a part of Gardening club, the Outdoors Adventure club, and English Club. Yet, those are only the beginning to what is offered.

When I first came to Hope I thought clubs were “clicky.” I thought I wouldn’t make any friends because it would just be one large friend group already. How wrong I was. I was welcomed with open arms into each club and was given opportunities of fun and learning. I’ve taken trips to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and gone on hikes! The clubs here at Hope will allow you to grow as a student while having fun learning.


Even though I myself do not play sports competitively anymore I have attended more games here at Hope then I can count on all my fingers and toes. Hockey, Basketball, Football, Softball and Baseball, Track, Soccer, Lacrosse, Swimming, etc. Supporting your fellow students and representing your school are major parts of the sports here at Hope.

There is nothing like going with some friends to watch a game. Jumping around and cheering together as you chow down on some concession food. Watching the Student Life buzz together on crowded bleachers is such a unique experience. Also, sometimes there is free Hope College merch, like t-shirts. What could be better than a free t-shirt?


Do you like making music? Do you enjoy listening to music while you study? Are you interested in learning an instrument? Well, Hope offers a variety of options to complete those desires.

In the music department there are courses you can take to learn a new instrument. You can join the band or choir or dance team. There are also courses you can take that are purely for enjoyment and you can sit down with a group of students and have fun making music!

SAC also puts on Coffee House. A study night in the BSC Great Room where students or musicians come and play whilst you work on homework with some friends. I went to a couple of Coffee Houses and it was the most relaxing study session I’ve had in my 3 years here at Hope. So I highly recommend stopping by at least one before graduating.

Enough for Everyone

There is so much at Hope for each student to get involved in their own ways. You will never be turned away or told you don’t belong. Students here accept each other and we grow in community by doing so. Growing together is stronger than growing apart. Student Life is never boring at Hope college as a student. Reach out! There are people just waiting to talk to you.

Published by Emily Leegwater

Class of 2024 Hometown: Zeeland, MI Major: English; Creative Writing emphasis Minor: Studio Art

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