10 Fall Things Every Hope College Student Should Do

There’s no particular order, but you should do all of these things at least once during your fall semesters as a Hope student. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

1. Make a leaf pile and jump in it too.

leaves covering the ground that two people are standing on.
See all those beautifully colored, crisp leaves at your feet? Take the opportunity while it’s here–go ahead and take a step back into childhood for a bit.

2. Go cheer on your peers at all the sporting events.

Even if you are not a part of the Dew Crew, it’s still fun to go and see what your classmates love to do when they’re not hitting the books. From cross country, football, soccer, hockey – lots of opportunity to get out there and cheer on your peers.

3. Go to Live Mannequin Night in downtown Holland.

8th Street gets shutdown and all the people come out to check out the unique window displays the shops create. This Mary Poppins themed window from The Warm Friend was this year's winner.
8th Street gets shutdown and all the people come out to check out the unique window displays the shops create. This Mary Poppins themed window from The Warm Friend was this year’s winner.

4. Decorate for Halloween.

My door is covered with spooky caution tape, glow-in-the-dark plastic spiders are scattered throughout the bathroom and hall, we have orange and black balloons taped to the walls – everything is more fun with decorations, I promise.

5. Participate in Nykerk.

Three girls holding glasses with candles in them.
It’s tradition. It’s fun. It’s Nykerk Love. Whether you get involved in Song, Play, Oration, or Morale you should do it at least once. This a picture of me and my Odd Year Song sisters at Candlelight.

6. Pick some apples.

a girl grabbing an apple on the other side of a tree.
Go with your friends, take silly pictures, enjoy the outdoors before the bitter cold of winter soon arrives, and finish with a fine stash of quality apples.
A bag filled with apples
They won’t last as long as you think they will, but they’re delicious while they do.

7. Go to the Homecoming Hoedown.

Line dancing, apple cider, donuts, hay rides, a bonfire, more flannel and cowboy boots in one night than you’ve seen in your life. And did I mention all the animals that you can pet?
Who doesn’t want to spend their Friday night watching baby goats do parkour? Just go.

8. Carve/paint/decorate a pumpkin.

Pumpkin with Disney's Goofy carved in it.
My dorm had a pumpkin carving party! Amanda created this Goofy pumpkin that’s my favorite

9. Dance the night away at Club Durf – in costume.

Whether you consider yourself a dance person or not, you should go to Club Durf. Don your favorite Halloween costume or something you threw together in five minutes and go have fun. If you see someone rocking a shark costume it’s either me, or someone I need to be friends with.

10. Experience Nykerk.

This year’s Nykerk Cup Competition is on October 31, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in DeVos Fieldhouse. If you didn’t participate, you should go and see what your peers have been spending 2 hours every night putting together for the last three weeks. Here are the Even and Odd year Song performances from last year’s competition.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

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Hi! My name is Erin Hoolahan and I am a Sophomore at Hope College. I am from Wexford, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh) and intend to double major in Classics and either English or Communications during my time here at Hope. I love to bake, play guitar and am involved in Ultimate Frisbee and Silent Praise. I am extremely excited about sharing my insights on life at Hope! Thanks for reading. :)

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