Kissed Goodbye My Inner-Lena Dunham

Leandra Medine. The voice, the human, the spirit animal that makes my commute more bearable everyday. She doesn’t know who I am, and good god even I don’t know who I am, but I think she is another version of me with better taste and skinnier legs… And an incredible life with clothes where a […]

Getting Grey Hair in a Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods Line

When I’m old and grey, spending way too much time thinking about the past, this one young human will ask me… “What is one of your biggest regrets?” I’ll look away with glassy eyes and say, “son, that’d be spending my half of my youth in the Trader Joe’s lines after work.” It is true, […]

Stuff Every Introvert Should and Shouldn’t Have With Them

“But Idil, you’re not an introvert…” Ssshhh, that’s beside the point. Since I’ve been here in DC, I realized that my personality has changed. It is not good or bad, but it is just different. For some reason, I am just a more pleasant person in general; less aggressive, less impatient, but also less outgoing. […]

“…If This Happened in Michigan, We’d Still Go to Lab”

We did it. We survived Jonas 2016, the snowstorm that shut down the government and had Obama’s motorcade slip and hit the curb. God knows mother nature is more powerful than the Russian government, and we’re still ignoring her like she’s a whiny cat in a corner. ANYWAY. So I went to the Whole Foods in Foggy […]

Don’t Look Now… But I Think That’s a Libertarian

D.C. is not like your average college campus where there is a 50/50 divide in the political sphere… Well, or like Hope College, where a good majority is made of conservatives. This place is swarming with progressive thinkers; which may imply that it is dominated by liberals, but that is not the case. There are […]

“Intern of the Free World”

*A bunch of kids waving in amazement and a grown human (the teacher) enthusiastically squeaking from excitement* “Look kids! It’s the leader of the free world and his security escort, let’s wave at them!” If it was two weeks ago, I would probably join them with wrapping myself in the American flag and possibly kind of […]

Here Is What Being “A Hope College Person in DC” Means

Maybe I will not post on FB a screenshot from C-SPAN that has me in the shot… Maybe I am eating this disgusting Whole Foods wild rice vegetable soup right now, which I had to reheat 5 times because it got cold in between the tasks that I am attending, in my fluorescent-lit cubicle… Maybe I […]

Why No One Should Have Me Make a Speech About Missing the Old Times

… Because this is what it would be like: *Walks up to the stage swooning, until tripping on her Elie Saab gown* “Oh geez, you’d think I’d be better at walking after 21 years of practice…” *Awkwardly laughs, staring at the 200-people crowd, which includes Colin Firth* “Can everyone hear me? The ones in the back? […]