There are many symbols that represent Hope College: the anchor, the Flying Dutchman and the cross all embody what Hope stands for. In 2019, Hope inaugurated a new president who might be considered yet another symbol. President Scogin represents the past, present and future of Hope College.

As a graduate from Hope, President Scogin knows what it is like to be a student here. He is able to empathize with the experiences we are going through. Young Scogin was involved on campus, participating in Student Congress and Nykerk, and living in the same residential halls we live in.

As the president of the college, Scogin embodies the morals and principles Hope is founded on. Our president has a strong knowledge of economics and business, a strong faith that he openly shares, and a sense of humor that can be seen on his Instagram, all at the same time.

After listening to President Scogin speak at dinners and having conversations with him throughout my time here at Hope, I have come to appreciate what he has to say about the future of Hope College. He said at a dinner that in his current status it is more about ambition than having a set plan. His long term goal is to make college accessible to first generation students and make the college competitive with Ivy League schools such as Harvard. However the first step to making this possible is to get the community excited about the possibility. It is always important to have a plan, but ambition is just as important for starting the fire in the people.

After chapel one day, I approached President Scogin and asked him to give a word of encouragement to students interested in Hope College. Without hesitation he stated, “what we are really doing is a transformational experience. Academics is part of it, faith is part of it and the ability to discover your calling — who you are and why God made you — that is what we are all about.”

The uniqueness to Hope College rests in the accessibility and authenticity of its faculty. Anyone is able to talk to President Scogin, who is just as amped about the success of the school as the students in the Dew Crew. Don’t take my word for it. Next time you see him around campus, strike up a conversation. You may find you have lots in common.

Published by Ethan Getchell

Class of 2023 Hometown: Portland, MI Major: Business, Communications

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