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With the first semester ended, the First Year Seminar is finished as well. Since, I am part of the Phelps Scholars Program, my first year seminar was with Phelps Scholars. The first year seminar was only one of the things that we as Phelps Scholars did together.

But in this quote by former Phelps Scholar describes it well.

The Phelps Scholars Program brings together so many people from different backgrounds, cultures, and customs. Their experiences contribute to your own personal growth.

— Christopher from St. Louis, Missouri

What does it mean to be Phelps Scholar? Firstly, all Phelps Scholars live in one dormitory named Scott Hall. The main idea behind it is to bring as much diversity to one hall. By now means, it is not an international students dormitory. Besides the diversity in the dormitory, Scott Hall is in excellent location on campus. Scott Hall is 1 minute to Phelps Dining Hall, 1 minute to the Chapel (first year seminar takes place there) and less than 1 min to the Dow Center (gym, weight room).

A meeting about academic success.
A meeting about academic success.

Previously mentioned, Phelps Scholars have first year seminar together. From my point of view and understanding, the main idea of the class is culture transitions, stages of identities, less fortunate people in developing countries and how to help them. The first year seminar course is finished by a big resource project and final presentation in front of Hope College professors and students.

Also, as Phelps Scholars we had to do 18 hours of community service or volunteering during the first semester, so we connect with Holland community. There are multiple different options of volunteering, but with that being said, community services is required for all Phelps Scholars and it is part of the final grade. Besides community hours, we had multiple trips on the weekends to Chicago, Grand Rapids or Patel’s speech ( a writer whose book we read).

2015-2016 Phelps Scholars in front of Scott Hall.
2015-2016 Phelps Scholars in front of Scott Hall.

All these factors combined together, Phelps Scholars Program gives students great start to the college career. Personally, I had an excellent experience. I explored new things about myself, other cultures, Holland community or, a place where I can help less fortunate people in developing countries. In a conclusion, I had an amazing experience and I definitely do not regret of joining Phelps Scholars Program.


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