This past summer, I interned at Dow – the third largest chemical company in the world. While participating in the company’s Commercial Development Program, I gained invaluable professional and personal development experience, and I built life-long friendships with fellow interns from across the globe. Without Hope College, I would not have been exposed to this opportunity. Through the College’s Economics and Business department, I attended an information session on Dow’s Commercial Development Program despite being unaware of the program and knowing little information about the company. This session ignited my interest in Dow, and I was connected with alumni recruiting students for internship and full-time positions at the company. While at Dow this summer, I was also introduced to multiple Hope College alumni working for the company of over 37,500 total employees, many of whom had also gone through the Commercial Development Program. They provided encouragement, support, and advice to me throughout my summer internship. I am grateful to have been able to participate and contribute to the work of Dow this past summer, and I am thankful to Hope for enabling me the resources and exposure to pursue this experience. 

This is just one example of the plethora of internship and mentorship opportunities that Hope College offers students. For instance, Hope College also offers Hope College Connection, which is a platform that joins students with alumni and families from the College. Through this platform, I participated in the DiscoverWork program, which is an opportunity for students to gain shadowing experience with Hope alumni and/or professionals associated with the College that are currently working in their field of interest. This experience revealed to me the dedication and generosity of the College’s alumni. It also gave me deep insights into the business industry that backed my classroom curriculum.

In addition, I am currently working as a student consultant through Hope College’s Center for Leadership Consulting Program. In this role, I work within a team of three other students, a team coach, and a subject matter expert on a semester-long project for a company. From collaborating with peers to learning from the coach and subject matter expert to interactions with the client, I have gained a holistic perspective and formation into the world of business. I have been able to both employ skills learned within my courses while also developing new capabilities formed outside of the classroom. From conducting market analyses to presenting to executive leaders to achieving weekly deliverables, I have been able to sharpen my business knowledge and skills. This program pulls students from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and majors in order to help companies tackle their complex challenges. I look forward to continuing to participate in this phenomenal program. 

Hope College also has an office dedicated to students’ career development – the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career. This office supports students along their professional journey through a variety of resources. For example, the Boerigter Center offers one-on-one appointments with students to discuss career discernment, identify their areas of strength, and ways to seek mentorship and internship experiences. The center also provides tools for preparing application materials, such as resume and cover letter guides as well as mock interview appointments. I have personally benefited from these resources. The Boerigter Center also hosts multiple events throughout the year. One such event is the Career Fair, in which companies ranging in industries, sizes, and regions visit Hope College’s campus to recruit students for employment opportunities. I enjoyed attending this semester’s Career Fair on September 27th. 

As a Hope College student, I am deeply grateful for the variety of ways the College provides professional and personal development, of which will serve me during my time in college and beyond.

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Class of 2025 Hometown: Livonia, MI Majors: Biology and Business Minor: Classical Studies

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