I’m Writing This Blog From My Favorite Study Spot

Happy Sunday night, Readers! It’s been a crazy week, and an even crazier weekend full of homework, so what better subject to write about than the thing that got me through it all? That’s right, I’m talking about STUDYING and the place that I get it done best!!! Riveting, I know!

Last week I put out a post about the library and mentioned somewhere in there that I like a certain cubby on the third floor for times when my homework is especially overloaded and I feel like I’m drowning in paperwork. Honestly though, I only go there for emergency situations (aka research papers) and have an even better study spot that is more up my ally.  Take a gander at this beauty:

Readers, let me introduce you to the best study spot I’ve ever had: my own little cozy cove in my room on the second floor of my cottage. Truly, it is a dream study spot. Warm, cozy, quiet, secluded, nice view of… well, my parking lot (but still). Let me explain to you just how wonderful this little study spot is.

First off, if you can’t tell from the front view picture, my desk is in a little cutout of the wall that only comes with old houses with lots of character. Charming, am I right? I know. Second, the desk itself that came with the room fits PERFECTLY inside this cutout of the wall, like it was built especially for the cutout. This, on top of the fact that the desk looks like C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia here, is just a very inspiring place to get homework, and basically anything else, done. Now that you have the general aesthetic of the nookish corner that I spend so much time in, lets take a look at what I surround myself with on my desk.

As you can see from the top view, I have a great big calendar for my busy life on my desk. (Whether its to keep track of my life or just to look at because it’s pretty is actually undetermined.) I like to stay organized with my life, and I can do that here on this probably-too-big desk calendar. I also surround myself with books of literature and poetry on my desk in case I get bored with my actual homework. This is quite often. Flipping through something awesome always inspires me to do and be something great, so I keep them there for inspiration. (As you can tell, I’m reading The Old Man and the Sea – great book, by the way.) I also keep pictures, notes that people close to me have written me, and trinkets on my desk for boring times when I just need something interesting to look at. For me this is a giraffe and the Statue of Liberty in a jar – but hey, that’s just me.

This is the place that I get the most done. It is the best place ever, because as soon as you get in your PJs, put on some Vance Joy, and get down to writing that 8-page research paper, you’re so inspired that the paper only takes you an hour to write. I’m telling you, this room, this study spot, this DESK is amazing. My favorite study spot on campus by far.

Do you have a favorite study spot? If not, go get one and stick with it to make it your own. It’s very satisfying.

Until next time, Readers!

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