A Week in the Life: A Biochemist


Sometimes I’m not so good at prioritizing. Let’s be honest. We all have a lot on our plates. I’m no busier than anyone else. But, you need to be realistic about what you’re getting yourself into here! College is more than a full time job. But, the lucky part is it’s a blast.

Here’s a glimpse at my first week of February:


Yeah. You can laugh about my “Amanda Needs to Workout” scheduled event everyday.

I also had Greek Orientation events M,T, H from 8pm-10pm that are not shown.

The biggest question during the week becomes: When am I actually going to do my to-do list??

And what about my to-do list?

Monday: Study all neurochem for upcoming test, start analysis on biochem lab, study all physics for upcoming exam, study all behavior disorders for upcoming exam, finish online physics lab 2.2 and begin 2.3. Print information for Greek orientation.

Tuesday: Continue Monday’s to-do list and also work on the MSU summer research application that is due. Work on lab paper about gut ecology that should have been done by now!

Wednesday: Study biochem because there’s an exam coming up! Finish 2.3 physics lab.¬†Also continue Monday’s to-do list, because lets be honest, you didn’t study on Monday.

Thursday: Work on the new biochem notes (aka understanding them), finish the biochem lab report complete with graphs, do the new physics CAPA and the Friday homework, print out information for Greek orientation.

Friday & Saturday: Work on the new biochem prelab and finish the biochem lab report that is due at 5 PM. Read the new 30-page chapter of behavior disorders. Read a 6-page PDF about depression and write an extra credit summary for behavior disorders. YOU NEED THE EXTRA CREDIT. Choose a topic and make an outline for neurochemistry on a neurological disorder that you will write a 15-page review about by the end of the semester. This includes picking journal articles as references and delving into the literature. Work on lab paper that should have been done already.

Sunday: Do all of that Friday and Saturday stuff that you didn’t finish!

Yeah. Well let’s be honest it’s not a walk in the park. But hey, it’s all for a good cause: AN UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE. Along the way you meet great friends, learn lots, and make mistakes. It’s all called LIFE.

Also, I have to admit, lately I have been visiting the cats at Petco a lot, because I’m missing my snuggly animals! So, just for you,¬†here is a collage of cat photos.

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