Annie Dandavati receives new Great Lakes Colleges Association award

Annie Dandavati, Professor of Political Science, recently received a $3,400 award from the Great Lakes Colleges Association Global Crossroads Initiative.

This project will bring Dr. Poonam Gandhi from FLAME University to talk on the topic of diversity and global learning in today’s higher education landscape and to meet with students and faculty during the Fall 2022 semester.

Congratulations on your recent award, Annie!

Kate Finley receives new award from the John Templeton Foundation

Kate Finley, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, recently received a $26,209 award from the John Templeton Foundation via the University of St. Andrews. The project is titled Mental Disorder, Religious Engagement, and Emotional Stability.

This project is part of Professor Finley’s larger research project on the intersections and interactions between mental disorders (e.g., depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.) and different facets of religious engagement (including religious beliefs, experiences, and practices). This project will focus on mood swings and emotional stability, their role as key symptoms of various mental disorders, their centrality to our experience as selves, and the implications of all of this for how we understand our religious engagement.

Congratulations on your award, Kate!

Anne Heath receives new National Endowment for the Humanities award

Anne Heath, the Howard R. and Margaret E. Sluyter Associate Professor of Art History, recently received a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend award for $6,000. The project is titled The Holy Tear of Christ: Visual and Performance Culture at the Benedictine Abbey of La Trinite, Vendome, ca. 1150-1550.

In celebration of this achievement, Hope College’s Public Affairs and Marketing team featured Dr. Heath and this project in this press release.

Congratulations, Anne, on this significant accomplishment!

Mike Jipping and Deborah Van Duinen receive new Great Lakes Colleges Association award

Mike Jipping, Professor of Computer Science, and Deborah Van Duinen, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Big Read Lakeshore, recemtly received a $3,500 award from the Great Lakes Colleges Association Opening Doors of Dialogue: Pursuing College/Community Engagements and Partnerships Program. The project is title Deila Project for The Big Read.

This project will broaden the capacity of Big Read Lakeshore to better serve students and educators through the development and deployment of an app titled Deila, which is Icelandic for sharing. The app will allow students and teachers to better share ideas, content, discussions, and other programming across The Big Read Lakeshore region.

Congratulations on your award, Mike and Deborah!

Susan Ipri Brown receives new award from the Holland Junior Welfare League

Susan Ipri Brown, Director of ExploreHope and Assistant Professor of Engineering Instruction, recently received a $2,250 award from the Holland Junior Welfare League.  The project is titled Afterschool Enrichment Boxes.

This project will create up to 50 program boxes to share with various afterschool programs in Holland. Each box will contain enrichment activities in engineering, life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and earth/space sciences; each box is designed to provide materials for 10 students.

Congratulations on your new award, Susan!

Susan Ipri Brown receives new National Aeronautics and Space Administration award

Susan Ipri Brown, Director of ExploreHope and Assistant Professor of Engineering Instruction, recently received a $24,914 award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions (TEAM II) Community Anchor Award (CAAT).  The project is titled Linking Student Driven Data to NASA Data: Authentic Air Quality Data Inquiry for Improved Student Self-Efficacy.

Our colleagues in Public Affairs and Marketing developed a wonderful story of Susan’s new award; you are encouraged to read more about this project, the NASA TEAMS II CAAT Program, and ExploreHope:

Congratulations on your new award, Susan!

Marsely Kehoe receives new Omohundro Institute fellowship

Marsely Kehoe, Assistant Director of the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Initiatives, recently received a $10,000 fellowship from the Omohundro Institute/National Endowment for the Humanities American Rescue Plan Fellowships Program. The project is titled Visualizing Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market, 1602–1795.

Visualizing Textile Circulation is a data-driven, digital exploration of archival, visual, and material evidence of the global textile trade through the lens of Dutch company trade.  Resources from this fellowship will allow for archival research, connections to textile and restoration specialists, and database editing and refinement. 

Congratulations, Marsely, on your new award!

Benjamin Kopek receives new Fulbright Scholar Program award

Benjamin Kopek, Associate Professor of Biology, recently received a $19,790 award from the Fulbright Scholar Program for a six-month fellowship at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France.  The project is titled Preventing the Next Viral Pandemic by Deciphering Antiviral Immunity in Insect Vectors.

The overall objective of this research project is to improve human health by identifying the unique features of the insect immune system that allows insects to survive infection with a pathogenic human virus. Understanding the relationship between virus infection and insect immune system could allow one to control insect to human transmission of these pathogens, resulting in hundreds of thousands of lives (mostly children) saved each year. This project will be carried out in the laboratory of Carla Saleh, Ph.D., a premier virology researcher and laboratory at the Institut Pastuer.

Congratulations, Ben, on your new award!

Hope College receives 16 new Michigan Space Grant Consortium awards

Faculty, staff, and students from Hope College received 16 new Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) awards totaling 86,400 for 2022-2023! Details regarding the individual projects appear below.

MSGC creates, develops, and promotes programs to reflect the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) strategic interests and support cooperation between academia, industry, state and local governments in science and technology in Michigan.

Congratulations to our faculty, staff, and students on their MSGC awards!

Award TypeNameMentor (If Applicable)Project TitleAward
Undergraduate FellowshipSara GrimesKelly RonaldEffects of Urbanization on House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) and House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus) Songs $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipLindsay JankowskiKelly Ronald, Natalia Gonzalez-PechHow iron oxide nanoparticles impact the auditory physiology and antipredator response of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipNicholas KaipainenZachary WilliamsQuantifying the Utility of a Truncated Eigenmode Expansion in the Collisionless Plasma Tearing Instability $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipWilliam VancePeter GonthierDeveloping efficient algorithms to compute the exact QED resonant Compton scattering cross section in strong magnetic fields $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipGabriel BalkPaul DeYoungβ-decay intensity function of 54,52 Co $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipEvan ThomasErika Calvo-OchoaEffects of hypoxia in recovery of the lesioned olfactory system of zebrafish $   4,500
Undergraduate FellowshipEthan JansenMatthew SmithExperimental Characterization of Constrained Arches for Active Structure Applications $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipDylan ClemCourtney PeckensExperimental validation of real-time, weighted control algorithm $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipSkylar DeWittErika Calvo-OchoaOlfactory Dysfunction Following Oxygen Deprivation in Zebrafish $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipBridget GagnierBrooke Odle, Fola OlagbemiEstimating Low Back Loading using Inertial Measurement Units $4,000
Undergraduate FellowshipHalle McGuireMeagan ElinskiMultipurposed Dry Lubricant Surface Coatings from Strain-Controlled Composite Nanomaterial Systems $4,000
Research SeedJeffrey ChristiansUnderstanding the Radiation Tolerance of Halide Perovskite Materials $5,000
Ed Program – PC/TT/ASusan Ipri BrownPreparing STEM Teachers $15,000
Ed Program – PC/TT/ASusan Ipri BrownEngineering the Future Academies $15,000
MSGC AffiliatePeter Gonthier, Brian YurkMSGC Affiliate Budget$1,900

Marissa Doshi receives new award from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication

Marissa Doshi, Associate Professor of Communication, recently received a $34,200 award from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC). The project is titled ORWAC Editorship of Women’s Studies in Communication.

Women’s’ Studies in Communication is a leading outlet in the communication discipline for diverse and intersectional feminist scholarship, providing a forum for research, reviews, and commentary that advance our understanding of the relationships between communication and gender.  Marissa’s editorship will span Winter 2022 to Winter 2025, which involves the publication of three journal volumes of four issues each (2023, 2024, and 2025). 

Congratulations on your award, Marissa!