Trygve Johnson receives new award from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Trygve Johnson, The Hinga Boersma Dean of the Chapel, has received a $12,150 award from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship 2021 Worshipping Communities Grant Program. 

This project will explore the content and metaphor of spiritual friendship as it relates to worship practices and justice in order to promote continued spiritual growth for our student communities that highly values friendship and peer relationships.   

Congratulations, Trygve, on your new award!

Deborah Van Duinen receives two new awards in support of The Big Read and The Little Read

Deborah Van Duinen, Associate Professor of Education, received a National Endowment for the Arts/Arts Midwest award for $20,000 in support of the 2021 Big Read and $15,000 from the Michigan Humanities Council/National Endowment for the Humanities in support of the 2021 Little Read.

Read more about our latest award in the official press release.

Congratulations, Deborah, on your latest grants!

Marsely Kehoe receives new Samuel H. Kress Foundation award

Marsely Kehoe, Grants and Training Manager in the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs, has received a $34,000 award from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation Digital Arts History Grants Program.  Carrie Anderson, Assistant Professor of Art History at Middlebury College, is a co-principal investigator.  The project is titled Visualizing Textile Circulation in the Dutch Global Market, 1602-1795.

This project will deepen the scholarly knowledge of historic textiles though the development of an online Visual Textile Glossary, which will unite three different data types (textual, visual, and material) and provide users with open access to data, images, and dynamic visualizations. 

Congratulations on your award, Marsely and Carrie!

Kelly Ronald and Sarah Grimes receive new Garden Club of America award

Kelly Ronald, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Sarah Grimes, Biology Undergraduate, received a $3,000 award from the Garden Club of America Undergraduate Fellowship Program.

Through this fellowship, Sarah will work with her mentor, Dr. Ronald, to understand how the auditory and visual sensory physiology of the house sparrow are impacted by anthropogenic disturbances.

Congratulations, Sarah, on your fellowship!

Susan Ipri Brown and Michelle Gibbs receive new Great Lakes Fishery Trust award

Susan Ipri Brown, Director of ExploreHope and Assistant Professor of Engineering Instruction, and Michelle Gibbs, Director of the Office of Sustainability, received a $43,544 award from the Great Lakes Fishery Trust Great Lakes Stewardship Program. The project is titled Nurturing Stewardship Through Peer Mentoring.

This project will partner Hope College students with local K-12 students to engage in hands-on stewardship projects. Hope students will expand their leadership skills and commitment to stewardship while mentoring younger students in place-based education projects and cultivating the youth’s lifelong passions for the environment.

Congratulations on your new award, Susan and Michelle!

NSF’s Five Tips for “Broader Impacts” Statements

Considering a proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF)? NSF’s Science Matters blog featured five tips for applicants in preparating their Broader Impacts Statements–an essential component of any NSF proposal.

There is no one size fits all approach to Broader Impacts; it looks different for each project. But in this blog post, NSF Program Officers from across various directorates and programs provide advice to applicants in developing these statements. Not all considerations will be applicable to your project, but it’s all great advice.

And, if interested, consider subscribing to the NSF Science Matters blog!

Hope College Receives 18 New Michigan Space Grant Consortium Awards

Faculty, staff, and students from Hope College received 18 new Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) awards totaling $78,485 for 2021-2022!  Details regarding the individual projects appear below. 

MSGC creates, develops, and promotes programs to reflect the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) strategic interests and support cooperation between academia, industry, state and local governments in science and technology in Michigan. 

Congratulations to our faculty, staff, and students on their MSGC awards!  And a special kudos to Peter Gonthier, Hope’s MSGC Affiliate Representative, who works tirelessly all year in promoting MSGC programs to our campus community. 

ProgramLast NameFirst NameMentorProject TitleAward
Education ProgramsDummerCarrieEngineering the Future Academies$15,000
Education ProgramsIpri BrownSusanPreparing STEM Teachers$15,000
Research SeedElinskiMeaganMultifaceted Surface Coatings from Composite Dry Lubrication Schemes$ 5,000
Undergraduate FellowshipBoltzLindseyNatalia Gonzalez-PechDesign of Nanomaterials for Enhanced Sensing, Extraction, and Recycling of Lithium$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipBryanLaurenMichael PhilbenUronic Acid Content of Sphagnum as a Proxy for the Response of Peatlands to Climate Change$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipDavenportStevenNatalia Gonzalez-PechSynthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Solar Disinfection from Aqueous Solutions$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipDiephuisWilliamNatalia Gonzalez-PechSynthesis of Zirconium Oxide-Based Nanomaterials to Catalyze Oxygen Reduction in PEM Fuel Cells$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipGagnierBridgetBrooke OdleDeveloping and Validating a Sensor Fusion Algorithm$ 2,985
Undergraduate FellowshipHarlowBlakeDarin StephensonStreamlining and Validating Algorithms for Constructing Digital Elevation Models of Lake Michigan Dune Imagery$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipKowalskiJacobMatthew SmithInvestigating Cinnamate Functionalized Liquid Crystal Oligomers for Facile Material Synthesis and Alignment$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipMandevilleJamesJeff$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipMcLindenMollyKelly RonaldEcotoxicity of the Nanoparticle: Changes in the behavior and physiology of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus)$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipMolloyAnnaNatalia Gonzalez-PechSynthesis of nanomaterials for urea removal from aqueous solutions$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipPorterTristanNatalia Gonzalez-PechSynthesis of ZnO and Fe2O3 nanomaterials as Antibacterial Agent$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipShawRachelMichael PhilbenDetermination of the Bioavailability of Organic Nitrogen in the Decomposition of Peat Moss $ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipSherrardMorganKelly RonaldChromatic contrast of avian plumage is altered in forests subjected to increased deer browsing$ 3,000
Undergraduate FellowshipVanceWilliamPeter GonthierDeveloping efficient code for computing spin-dependent Compton cross section in magnetar magnetospheres$ 3,000
MSGC AffiliateGonthierPeterMSGC Affiliate Budget$ 1,500

Erika Calvo-Ochoa receives new Kenneth H. Campbell Foundation award

Erika Calvo-Ochoa, Assistant Professor of Biology and Neuroscience, has received a $20,000 award from the Kenneth H. Campbell Foundation Research Grants Program.  The project is titled Establishment of a novel model of retrograde degeneration in zebrafish to study olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease.

This project seeks to establish a novel model of retrograde neural degeneration by dopaminergic toxicity in the olfactory system of zebrafish in an effort to understand the mechanisms underlying olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease in humans.

Congratulations on your new award, Erika!

Susan Ipri Brown, Fonda Green, and Kate Lozon receive new Community Foundation of Holland-Zeeland award

Susan Ipri Brown, Director of Explore Hope, Fonda Green, Director of Children’s After School Achievement (CASA), and Kate Lozon, Step Up Coordinator, received a $10,000 award from the Community Foundation of Holland-Zeeland Endowment. The project is titled Youth Expression of Diversity.

This project will provide a literacy-focused summer program for CASA and Step Up students utilizing diversity focused or themed books. Additionally, the project will provide scholarships for up to 25 CASA and Step Up students to attend one of ExploreHope’s week-long summer camps.

Congratulations on your new award, Susan, Fonda, and Kate!

Mihyun Han receives new Community Foundation of Holland-Zeeland award

Mihyun Han, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education, has received a $20,000 award from the Community Foundation of Holland-Zeeland COVID-19 Community Stabilization Fund. The project is titled English Language Learner Tutoring Program in partnership with the OAISD.

This project will fund a collaborative project between Dr. Han and Pam Schwallier at the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD). This project will link Hope College students with English Language Learners in OAISD to provide intensive, one-on-one virtual tutoring in math, science, and social studies.

Congratulations, Mihyun, on your award!