Hello from Zambia!

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind. We just received a warm welcome from everyone on the Poetice staff. We arrived at Heathrow smoothly and had an 8 hour layover. We explored the airport, played some Uno, ate lunch as a team, and took much needed naps on the floor. Our flight out of London was delayed by an hour and a half, however we made up the time on the flight. Once we arrived in Johannesburg we got breakfast as a group at a local coffee shop in the airport with some great food. We boarded for Livingstone and began our last leg of the journey. The flight cruised at a much lower altitude than our previous two, so we were able to take in the African countryside from the air. After arriving in Livingstone we boarded a van with some Poetice staff members and drove to Choma. We spent the 2 and a half hour drive telling riddles and laughing. Once we arrived at the Poetice base we spent time getting to know the staff and worshiping with them. Worship was followed by dinner and some great conversation, continuing to bond with each other and the staff at Poetice. We are all exhausted and ready to sleep horizontally, but very happy to have arrived safely and begin our adventure with Poetice.

That’s all folks!
Graham and Maggee

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  1. Hi Delaney,
    So glad to see you’re safely there & sounds like you’re doing very well. Love the blog to share your adventure with us. Take care. We love you. Grammy O & Papa Mike,

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