Zambia 2023: LET’S GO!!!

Hello from the Chicago airport! We have had an eventful day and a half being back on campus. Yesterday (Thursday) we had our pre-trip training where we learned how to use the Sawyer water filters, participated in icebreakers, and prepared for the next week and a half. The team was able to get to know each other better as we bonded over conversations, laughter, and packing. We are so excited! We started today (Friday) with meeting and sharing our stories over DeBoer Donuts (thank you Lance!!). After a great time of sharing, we ate lunch and soon left for the airport. It’s only day two and we are having so much fun together. The bus ride was filled with laughs and games as we made our way to Chicago. Once we arrived, we navigated a few bumps with check-in and made our way to our gate where we would soon board a double-decker airplane. So cool! We also had the joy of experiencing Tilly’s first ever plane ride – he will be a flying pro after our 8-hour ride over the pond to London. Overall, we have been blessed with a great day of preparation, great travel and even greater company. We can’t wait to see how God will continue to show up during our time together. Looking forward to what adventures lie ahead.


Jonathan and Delaney

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