Hello from Choma! 8/9/2022

Today was our first full day in Africa! We started our day with breakfast which was yummy. After breakfast we headed over to praise our lord during worship. Worship in a different language is incredible. It is cool to step into a new environment, and to see how the Zambians say YES to the lord by dancing joyfully. After we finished worship, we started prepping for the sports camp we are running tomorrow. Once we were done preparing for camp the women in our team changed into our long skirts and we started our walk into a local community “Mwapona.” Before heading into the community, we spent some time in an orientation where the Poetice leadership gave a talk about cultural differences. They explained some things about the Zambian lifestyle that are vastly incongruous to the US. They really stressed that their style of living is not “bad” or “less than” it is just different. They did not have the same material things as us, but their joy was plentiful. It reminded us of how rich they still are. We had the opportunities to walk through local markets and saw so many smiling kids. Once again, we had a great meal! It was Taco Tuesday!! We finished the day with more moving worship and as a team we started sharing our personal stories and testimonies. Sharing our stories brought us closer as a team and speaks to the power of God and just how good he is! Tomorrow, we ask for prayers for energy and excitement as we welcome local youth to the Poetice base.

Stay tuned!

Signing off,

Maddie and Haley:)

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