Be Strong Be True 8/10/2022

By Ashish, Ted and Grace H.

Today was our first day leading the camp with the local youth in Zambia! We started the day off with worship. Worship in Zambia is very different from the worship we experience in the states due to plentiful dancing and a ton of joy. During this time the kids were very encouraging and made us come out of our comfort zones by inviting us to dance with them. After worship was done, we split up into four groups: flag football, softball, health and wellness and strength and agility. Many of the kids were unfamiliar with these activities but were able to jump into them quickly when presented the opportunity. They were ecstatic to participate and interact with each other and with the team. After completing drills, we headed to lunch. We were able to talk to and learn more about the campers and their backgrounds while we ate. After lunch, the girls played softball and netball, a popular Zambian game that the Hope girls were able to learn. The boys played volleyball and flag football.

When the games were done, the boys walked into the communities with the boy campers and talked with their families. After dropping the campers off at their homes, the Hope guys went to Brad’s house, a permanent Poetice staff member from Hudsonville, MI. There, the boys got to play basketball, eat, and talk around the fire. While the Hope guys were away from camp, the girls, including the campers, were able to connect over dinner and other activities. The Hope girls learned many knew Zambian cheers and fun little games for around the fire. As we are writing this blog at 10 pm, the girl campers are still out and about having fun and spending the night on base.

We have a similar day planned for tomorrow and can’t wait to share!

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