Hello from Zambia! 8/8/2022

By Sydney & Seth

We have finally arrived in Zambia! After an overnight flight and a short layover we flew into the Livingstone airport and were greeted by a few of the Poetice staff. Thankfully all of our luggage also made the trip which we were told may not be 100 percent guaranteed. We then packed into a bus and took a two and a half hour drive to the Poetice base in Choma, Zambia. When we arrived we were greeted by more staff with shouts of joy, open arms and some snacks. It felt wonderful to greeted so enthusiastically after a long journey over the past few days. After we were welcomed, we talked with the staff and got to know some of the amazing people we will get to work with in the next few days. We then moved our stuff into the bunkhouses and headed over to the worship center for some music and praise. The first worship song brought out the joy and energy that all the staff has for Jesus and even with our exhausted bodies we were able to share that joy. After worship we were blessed with our first traditional Zambian meal of nshima. It is eaten with your hands and consists of a mashed potato like base made of maze which is then rolled into a ball and used to scoop the vegetables and meat made with it. Some of us were better at making our nshima balls than others, but it was delicious anyways. After dinner we got to spend more time talking with the staff on base and are super excited for what the upcoming week has in store. We ask for prayers for a restful night of sleep for all of us so that we can be rejuvenated for our first day of training and prepping for the sports camps later this week.

More adventures to come this week!

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