Tuesday: Officially Zambia Bound!!

By Tena & EJ

We are officially on our way to Zambia! These past few days have been full of preparing our hearts and suitcases for a week  overseas.

Monday, we gathered with the team going to Costa Rica. We started the day with Paul Boersma, who spoke to us about doing good unto others and the impact that “paying it forward” can do. Then Travis from Sawyer came to supply us with insect repellent and sunscreen, as well as help treat our clothes to keep the bugs away.

Later Monday night, we met at Tunnel Park to cook out and grow together as a team. We shared testimonies, and then humbled ourselves to each other and committed ourselves to the service we will do overseas. We did this by washing the feet of our teammates as Jesus did to his disciples in John 13. We spent some time praying over both teams and the work we will all do in both Costa Rica and Zambia before splitting ways for the evening.

Today, while our lovely Costa Rica friends were heading to Chicago for their flight, we all enjoyed a wonderful sleep in. We then met as a group to share more testimonies, answered final questions, and got pumped about our trip! We all seemed to be a little nervous and anxious about travel, but we all are generally excited for this awesome opportunity that God has given us.

We left campus at 5:00 pm and had a safe and easy drive to Chicago. We are now at the O’Hare airport and are getting ready for our flight to leave in an hour! This trip is finally becoming so real! Our next stop is London – only 2 more days until Zambia!

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