Safari Send-Off | 6.2 Uganda SEED

Greetings! Zoe & Dave here!

This morning was one to remember. We woke up bright and early at 5:30 am in anticipation of an everlasting excursion… A SAFARI. We packed the safari vans full with our group and headed off into the largest National Park in Uganda.

            We were greeted with the most beautiful sunrise our group had ever seen, as well as the occasional Giraffe popping his head out to say hi. The goal for this trip was to spot some big “cats” and it took roughly an hour to get to our prime areas. The “boy’s” van was able to spot a leopard hunting on the way there and then eventually spotted two more in a tree down the line. The “girls” van struck gold when their guide took them off-roading. They were able to find a “pride” of Lions and were able to get within close proximity of these beautiful creatures. Other animals that were spotted between the two groups were elephants, hyenas, water buffalos, mongoose, antelope, gazelles, monkeys, and many more. Afterward, we headed back to the resort to munch down one last meal before we hit the road back to Kampala. We enjoyed an amazing meal overlooking the Nile River and shared great laughs.

            After a long two weeks, the ride back was of decent length, but we made the most of the quality time with our team. Some of our members indulged in Uganda’s finest gas station snacks such as, “Crunchy Daddies, Plantain Chips, Bon Bons, and top-of-the-line energy drinks. Also, a large majority of the bus caught up on some sleep after the early start of the day.

            We made it back to our humble abode, “Namirembe Guest House”, where we shared a team dinner and our last debrief ;(. We are so grateful for this opportunity and the amazing people we’ve met along the way. Not to mention, our wonderful team from Hope. It still seems a bit surreal, but we will always be thankful for every memory made along the way.

Tomorrow, we will venture off into the Markets of Kampala before starting our journey back.

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