Road Trip to Macha!

Hello! This is David and Mallory! Today we changed things up a bit from the normal routine and journeyed to Macha, Zambia. It was about an hour and a half drive and it was a great way to see the African landscape during their winter season. In Macha, we partnered with the organization Push the Rock. Messiah College, who has a program similar to SEED called Aroma, had just arrived yesterday and was spending their first day running a sports clinic similar to ours. It was fun to meet another group of college athletes that are also passionate about sports, kids, and faith. Seeing them on their first day reminded us of our first days and how far we have come in just a week.

After we arrived, we ran sport stations with the Messiah students such as soccer, badminton, basketball, lacrosse, etc. Then we came together and students from both schools shared their stories (David & Sam crushed it).  And then unlike our camp, the kids left before lunch. Lunch was a good time to connect even more with Messiah and Push the Rock. After lunch, everyone assembled for the 3rd annual Poetice versus Push the Rock volleyball game, and we found a way to win in four games! (with grace). It was a blast to play together as a team in such a competitive game.  The time spent in Macha was a reminder that God is at work in Zambia in many ways.

For dinner, we had chicken and chips (fried chicken and fries). It offered a taste of home just like the flavor-blasted goldfish, granola bars, and candy we pass around at night.

We are looking forward to church tomorrow with Poetice, and they are doing a family fun day, as well. It is slowly dawning on us that we only have a couple days left and our time together is dwindling down quickly. Since we have been feeling this way, we want to soak in everything we can, so some of us have been rising at 6am for the awesome sunrises as a reminder of how great God is and how beautiful his creation is.

David and Mallory

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Q: What is red and goes up and down in an elevator?


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