Field Day!

Today was our last day doing sports camp here at Poetice. Today instead of doing sports stations, we had a field day set up. The kids competed at 11 different stations ranging from throwing a frisbee to a balance test. It was so fun to see the kids compete and be competitive with each other. In the morning the kids rotated to each of the stations and then after lunch the best in each age group competed in a few of them in the final showcase: the 50m dash, Frisbee golf, soccer juggling, and softball throw. We then did an awards ceremony for the winners of each age group and the showcase.  We also presented each coach of the 4 teams with a Bible in Tonga (along with a printout of the scripture that was shared with them this week), a team picture we had taken that day, and 2 new soccer balls.  It was really hard to say goodbye to all of the kids today. Everyone here has made connections with different kids so it was sad to say goodbye. As all the kids were leaving we were able to pass out candy and stickers to all the kids. It’s awesome to know that Hope College will forever be a part of this community.  Poetice opens their gates for their youth (age 13-17) on Friday afternoons, and we heard at debrief that a few who hadn’t ever come before came today because they now know who Poetice is through the sports camp from this week.

After the sports camp ended we walked into the market in Mawpona with some of their youth (who had also participated in the camp this week) and students from Poetice’s School for Justice and Mission who have stuck around this week to help us. Afterwards we walked to a local soccer practice of one of the teams from this week and watched them scrimmage as the sun set in the background of the field. Dinner was a delicious meal of tacos without the shells and included rice, beef, sauce, and vegetables.

We then had debrief, and played cards and games together.  We have all been really enjoying getting to know each other this week. Everyone has been open with each other and we have all grown close. We are all looking forward to doing things together this year at school.

Andrew & Mackenzie

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