Pizza Party

The transformation of feelings in the group has radically changed throughout the last week from anxiety to joyfulness. Since being here for a week, it’s been evident how the Lord has taken ahold of our hearts. Whether it be giving out water filters to families in need, spending time in laughter with the children, or late-night team talks, God has been present throughout all of it.

Our day started with our routine breakfast and devotions with the Sports Outreach family. Pastor Aloysius continued this month’s theme, by focusing his message on the Prodigal Son and how God is willing to leave the 99 to find the one. This message set the tone for the full day ahead of us.

We started with visiting a level three medical facility located outside of Gulu. We were able to bring water filters for the staff and patients to keep everyone healthy while they are at the clinic. We always make it an emphasis to demonstrate the Gospel through the water filter demo. We also brought water filters to a nursery and primary school for the children and staff there. It’s always encouraging to see the lightbulb go off for the people we share the filters with when they realize the impact it will have on their community.

After we had a nice lunch, we were able to visit two different community members and bring water filtration systems. Not only was it an honor to be welcomed into their homes, we were able to give them words of encouragement and prayer. During one of the visits, a woman shared her story of how she stepped away from the church for two years after losing her husband. Through the guidance and encouragement of our team and Sports Outreach staff, she opened her heart to Christ again. This was a beautiful moment to witness and be a part of.

Following the home visits, the team re-grouped at a school in partnership with Sports Outreach to run sports stations. The stations included dodgeball, handball, volleyball, bubbles, limbo, soccer, face painting, and fun games with Chris. Once the rotations had ended, each group had an opportunity to share the Gospel with the kids as well as share our testimonies with them. It was great to see one small girl dedicate her life to Christ after hearing Kendall’s story of how Jesus Christ bridged the gap between our sinful nature and God.

Once we arrived back to the farm, we were treated to pizza and French fries! This made a lot of us happy, very happy. During our debrief, Stephanie had the amazing idea to write each team member a letter of encouragement. This has been a very fulfilling day and we are excited for our final adventures here in Uganda!!

Quote of the night: “The greatest adventure you will ever go on is following God!” – Kendall

Hailey, Terrell, Connor

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