Wonderful Wilfred and the Magic School Bus

We started the morning off with a wonderful breakfast cooked by the lovely kitchen staff. Most of the team has become reliant on the Ugandan hot tea served every day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After that, we headed to devotions at a local school. We sang arguably our favorite song of the trip. The chorus goes, “When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no!” After that, we each carried 12-foot-long poles of bamboo to our first home visit. We built a drying rack and gave a water filter demonstration for the woman and the people of her community. Both activities were a team effort and taught us many things, including the “Ugandan Two-Man Saw”.

Then came our second home visit. This may have been the most amazing home visit for one reason: Wilfred’s driving. Let us set the scene; one path, three feet wide. One bus, seven feet wide. One man, ready to risk it all. After this ride we realized we’ve been paying way too much money for the rides at Cedar Point.

After lunch, we took a shopping trip to Lydia’s Place. Here you can purchase goods made by the students of Christine’s House Trade School. They are taught things like sewing, carving, and weaving, which will help them secure a source of income when they are able to return to their communities. We won’t say much about what we bought, but our families should definitely look forward to some goodies!

We returned to the school where we had spent the morning at for a fun afternoon of sports and other activities. Soccer, dodgeball, sharks and minnows, and bubbles were all a huge hit! Whitney and Ashleigh were master artists using the kids’ faces as canvases. There was a volleyball showdown between the Hope College team and the Sports Outreach Staff; but you know what they say… Hope plays, Hope wins. We all spent the afternoon soaking in the joy of the children since this was our last camp of the trip L. We left feeling happy and sad as the realization of how much time has passed hit us all.

Before dinner Richard talked to our group about the Empower Me program. This Sports Outreach program allows you to sponsor a child and fund their education and manage other needs in their life. If you have any more questions, definitely ask someone on the trip or learn more at sportsoutreach.net! Overall, a satisfying last day in Gulu and we all want to come back!

Peace and Blessings,

Whitney, Anna, Ashleigh

PS Moms: only a few more days until we’re home!

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