Brick by Brick

Breakfast was great.

We followed breakfast with a devotional with the young women from Christine’s House and Vocational School. Terrell and Chris each had a brief speech to add to the devotional. Unknowingly, Chris’ devotion about the Prodigal Son matched the scripture that was currently being studied with the school.

After, the team did some work on the farm helping stack bricks for a new dining enclosure and pulling weeds in the green pepper beds. James is the lead farmer on staff and he encourages us to find God in everything we do, including pulling weeds and passing bricks. He challenged us to find God and Biblical principles within tasks that we wouldn’t usually consider.

This was followed by a visit to Christine’s House of Empowerment where we had the opportunity to meet with the young women and hear the mission of the house. This is an amazing place that supports young girls and women who have been victims abuse. While the women’s stories were not shared, the strength in each of them was evident in how they spoke and how they acted.

Lunch was great.

After lunch we went to distribute water filters to families and we met three amazing families. We had the opportunity to meet Francis, a 25-year-old man with a severe disability. Francis and his grandmother radiated God’s love and showed courage which touched us all.

After a trip back to Koro Farm and a quick regroup, we headed out to the soccer field at the farm to have a sports camp with children. We split into four groups, taught them volleyball, dodgeball, and softball while getting our butts kicked in soccer. After the sports session, we had the opportunity to share life lessons that we each took from our sport.

Dinner was great.

After dinner several members of the staff shared their testimony and how Sports Outreach has impacted their lives.

We ended by discussing the day and encouraging each other to continue to bring energy and positivity to each moment.

Peace and love,

Whitney, Taylor, Chris

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