Day 9: The last supper

After a late night of playing golf, spoons, & chugging aggressive amounts of water together, we woke up bright and early at 6:30 to head to a new school on the west coast of the country. We began our hour and a half drive with high spirits and arrived at the school in Puntarenas ready to ball out with the kiddos! We had 2 groups of about 40 kids each of various ages. We rotated through 3 stations: an obstacle course, dodgeball, & Manos y Cabezas (Catch it or Head it). After yesterday’s long and tiresome day, today seemed like a breeze! We installed a couple water filters for the school’s kitchen and loaded onto the bus for the beach. We ate a empanada lunch with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and multiple palm trees. Using Hannah’s incredible cheer team skills, we plucked a coconut right off a tree and drank the milk straight out of it! We then took a dive into the ocean which was warm & wonderful for an afternoon swim. After many body surfing attempts, we had a highly unsynchronized synchronized swim session led by the highly uncoordinated Amie. Although Christian was not our driver today, we were allowed to climb on top of the bus for a sweet picture! Following our short photo shoot, we took a quick walk along the shore to dry off. We left the beach covered in salt & sand and headed  back to San Jose. We ran into a bit of traffic and rain, so we spent about 3 hours talking and laughing together on the bus. 

After showering back at AMCA, we had another exquisite meal followed by our sad goodbyes to Nati & Patri. We ended our night with one final devotional full of reflections and words of encouragement for each other as we prepare to return to the USA. We are sad to be leaving this place of growth & passion for God’s good work, but we look forward to bringing back the things we’ve learned & also a ton of coffee. We plan on spending our last night together bonding, playing cards, and packing before our 4:30 wake-up call.

Ciao for now! 

Mason, Mitchel, & Amie

Amie, Mitchel, and Mason
Creative games with limited space.
Hannah picks a coconut…
…and Luke drinks from it.

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