Day 8: Tough goodbyes

We started off our morning waking up bright and early at 6:30am. We had a great breakfast with fantastic bacon… yum. Today was unique because we got to go back to the same school where we spent another full day. We had yet another wonderful day with the students where we got to grow even closer with them. Today looked very similar to yesterday with four different classes coming through, but we all agree the recess/free time with the kids was the best. During the recess, it was a time we got to connect and talk with the kids to strengthen our relationships. 

Early afternoon it was time for us to depart. This is where it got sad. Many of the kids were clinging to us as we were leaving, with many of them returning for one last high-five or hug. There was even one little boy who started crying when Nicole was leaving. This left us with heavy hearts as we left, and we hope we’ve made an impact on their lives forever. 

Our next stop was the supermarket to pick up Costa Rican goodies and treats. We pretty much cleared the shelves of coffee and chocolate. Also, in the supermarket there was an ice cream shop, so we obviously had to get some… again. After having ice cream we headed back to AMCA for the rest of the day. The light rain produced a beautiful double rainbow before we ate dinner. 

This relaxing afternoon allowed us to grow even closer as a team. We ended the night with a devotional on the 4th commandment about keeping the sabbath. Tomorrow will be our last day and we will be heading to a new school and giving them water filters in addition to doing sports clinics. 

God bless and adios,

Nick and Hannah

Nick and Hannah

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