Day 10: be careful what you wish for

Our last night in Costa Rica was a sleepover. We took our mattresses and made a mega bed to take a glorified nap (of 1 1/2 hours). Wake up call was at 4:30, and we drove straight to the airport. We said a final goodbye to our driver Christian, another tough farewell. We ate breakfast at smashburger (because 6:45 is never too early for a good old fashioned burger, right?) and flew from San Jose to Houston, Texas.

We said we wanted the trip to be longer, and wished we didn’t have to leave Costa Rica. God heard us, but instead of Costa, it was the Houston airport. We waited for hours and hours for what should have been our 2:00 flight. When 6:00 came around, we could finally board the plane, only to wait yet another hour. Our flight finally departed at 7, and landed around 9:15 in Chicago. Then, it was onto the Hope bus we went, for our arrival home.

This trip has been an absolutely amazing experience. We have all become so much closer than we even thought was possible. We’ve taken risks and stepped out of our comfort zones. We all have grown in some way whether it be spiritually or just as a person. We are beyond thankful that we were given this opportunity to serve God through serving others and we want to thank everyone who helped support us along our journey!

Nicole, Noelle & Kayla

Noelle, Kayla, and Nicole

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