Day 7: who needs to sleep anyways

After a lovely 5:30 wake-up call, we enjoyed breakfast before heading out to today’s sports clinic at 6:30. We arrived at 7 at the school and jumped right in. Everyone but Hannah, Kayla, and Noelle took part in today’s testimonies. Technically we had four different sessions, but it seemed like every hour the kids would have another recess so we really got to hang out and bond better with them; the in between clinic free-for-alls were chaos. Balls could be seen flying in the air from everywhere. It is amazing how energetic kids are. It’s also worth noting that kids today still take part in eating bubbles—in case you’re wondering. Today was by far one of our longest days. We spent 7 hours with the kids.

From there, we got ice cream. After that, we set out for the market. Not to ruin any surprises, but there’s a solid possibility that we might be bringing some things back. It was different bargaining with venders and having a choice in our prices. Again, we can’t stress enough that we might be bringing stuff back. We departed from the market to AMCA where we enjoyed another meal with no rice or beans—pretty neat huh? Tonight was concluded with a devotional focused around the Third Commandment. It was certainly thought provoking with many unanswered questions. 

That’s all we got…

Arika y Mike <3

Arika and Mike
Mike shows the kids how to slam dunk
Arika and Kayla join the dancing.


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