Day 6: A day without rice and beans

Notable Quote: “¡Qué freakin’ bueno!” -everyone, all day long because today freakin’ rocked.

Today we got to sleep in until 8 before walking to a bakery to shove our faces full of donuts & calzones for breakfast. From there we went to a nearby church and luckily had a translator for the entire service! It was comforting to understand everything for once! The service lasted about two hours and it was absolutely moving to soak in the Costa Rican culture in a church setting. At the end of the service, we sang the song Oceans in both English and Spanish which was an incredibly unique experience.

Post-church, we hopped back in our trusty bus & headed towards the Canopy tour. Since we were crunched for time, we stopped at a local Pizza Hut for lunch & chowed down on the bus. After some wild curves & rainy roads, we made it to the Canopy tour with barely 5 minutes to spare. We quickly changed out of our church clothes and got harnessed up for the tour! 

No one knew what to expect going into the tour, but it was by far one of the coolest experiences of our lives. Although it was pouring down rain and thundering, we embraced the rainforest weather while flying through the trees like Tarzan! Halfway through the tour there was a giant swing that launched us over the trees. For the last zip line we switched into harnesses that allowed us to lay on our stomachs and fly over the rain forest and the rivers below. The views and experience are something that the pictures and videos we took will never do justice and that will last a lifetime. After the tour, we had a two hour bus ride back to AMCA in our drenched shoes and clothes.

We finished the day strong with some pasta, bread, cinnamon rolls, and passion fruit juice back at AMCA before out nightly team time and Bible study. We are now starting to prepare our bodies for a long day of sports clinics at a nearby school tomorrow beginning at the best hour of the day: 5:30 am. Overall it has been a relaxing and enjoyable weekend filled with lots of laughter & adventure!

¡Qué les vaya bien!

Luke & Amie

Luke y Amie
Ready for church. In front of AMCA where we spent most of our nights.
Getting ready for the zip lines.
Wet but happy
Kayla is ready to fly

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