BY: EZ (Eli S), Doorman (Griffin), and Kit-Kat (Kate)

After a chilly night’s rest (the boys’ room set at a mere 62 degrees), we all were so grateful for Nattie, Josué, and Randall the Bus Driver for preparing a delicious breakfast this morning. Our meal consisted of cereal, yogurt, toast, eggs, and a Costa Rican favorite, fruit – Mangoes are a delicacy amongst the group! Once dishes were cleaned and floors were swept, the two-hour trip to Jaco went by muy rápido thanks to Catch Phrase and some great conversation…Congratulations to Groupa (Eli K) for securing his first Catch Phrase win!

Our trip to Marina Bellena yesterday was a stark contrast to today’s adventure. Tranquility was traded for unforgiving waves that swept everyone off their feet. There is nothing better than a good rush of saltwater up the nose! Josué provided us tips and tricks to avoid getting consumed by the waves while Doorman participated in photoshoot number two in his beloved hammock with Queen Nattie behind the camera.

Following our memorable time spent at the beach, the group walked through the streets of Jaco, many deciding to spend the remainder of their colones (Costa Rican money). Group favorites included açaí bowls, pastries, and Britt Coffee – T Vines’ second coffee within a span of 20 minutes. To fill up before the trek back to AMCA, we stopped at a roadside buffet for a quick lunch that included the go-to of the week, rice and beans!

“It is so good to be home!” someone cheered as we pulled into AMCA. With sadness, we said goodbye to our beloved new friends, Nattie, Josué, and Benjamin. We grouped up for our final discussion of the trip which started by sharing the things we appreciated about each other throughout the week. Each of us fit so perfectly into the puzzle of our group – Doorman with his adventurous spirit, Megatron’s joyful presence, and Tigger with her willingness to be all in, all the time. As the night went on, the conversation grew deeper (when asked for a word to describe the trip, look to the title of today’s blog for Costa Crew’s answers). The group reminisced over our favorite memories of the trip and discussed how best to bring our takeaways from this wonderful experience back to Michigan. To encompass such an experience, we had the opportunity to write letters to our future selves, reminding us of the joys of Costa Rica and its people, and the ways God is working in our everyday lives that LB will send to us in a few months.

The Costa Crew would like to thank each one of you who have supported us along this journey. If you are reading this, it means you hold a special place in each of our lives. Whether a family member or friend, you have made a significant impact on who we are and who we are becoming, and this trip would not be possible without you.

With grateful hearts,

EZ, Doorman, and Kit-Kat (Eli S, Griffin, & Kate)

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  1. You have become very precious to me as I read your posts. There is a spirit of vulnerability that I love. There is acceptance and love for one another on the team that is contagious. Wow! You will all make a huge impact on campus next year as you love others as Christ loved us.

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