BY: Double A (Alaina), Magma (Jenna), and T Vines (Taylor)

After waking up very early the last couple of days, we were grateful to have a slower start to the morning. We were excited to wake up to roosters crowing and Doorman (Griffin) letting us know he got the best picture in his hammock. We ended our time on the Reserve Gauymi with a breakfast of pancakes, toast, eggs, bacon, empanadas, and fruit. Before getting back on the road, we thanked the pastor and his family for their hospitality and generosity in hosting us and we were able to leave sports equipment for them to distribute to their schools.

During our three-hour drive to the west coast, Chance (Ben) brought out his speaker and played songs that everyone took turns queuing up. A few of the favorites were “Dancing in the Moonlight” and “Danger Zone”. The views to the west coast continued to leave us amazed by God’s creation.

Our drive landed us at the Ballena National Marine Park at the Pacific Ocean. The beach was gorgeous surrounded by mountains, palm trees, islands, and large waves. There is a part in the ocean that parts ways to create the shape of a whale tail, which we attempted to walk, but the tide was too high. While we were swimming instead, it started to rain. We cracked open coconuts, trying fresh coconut water and the coconut as well. We also found some wildlife, including crabs that pinched Josué (a favorite new addition to our team for the journey south), lizards, and squid. We swam, tossed a tennis ball around, floated in the warm water, and looked for LB’s red shorts to come back with lunch. It wouldn’t be a day in Costa Rica without the daily afternoon rainstorm, but we powered through, still grateful to be together in the beauty surrounding us.

We all crammed unto the bus, soaking wet and covered in sand to arrive at our Airbnb. We ate lunch together outside, including homemade sandwiches, various chips, and apples. We played various card games and took some time to reflect before dinner. We were treated to Pizza Time, a local restaurant in Osa, Costa Rica. After our delicious dinner, we stopped at the supermarket to pick up breakfast for tomorrow morning and convinced LB to let us get ice cream.

We finished the night with learning more about each other and the importance of remembering scripture.

As we start to close out our trip, we thank you once again for continuing to follow along in seeing how we grow.

“Peace and Love”,
Double A, Magma, & T Vines (Alaina, Jenna & Taylor)

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