BY: Dut (Emma), Tigger (Allison), Megatron (Meg)

After a great last night of reflection, we woke up for the airport this morning at 5:00am. When we got to airport, we cleared security and ate our last Costa Rican breakfast. We sat around and chatted over breakfast and reminisced on the great trip we had.

We had an uneventful flight back to the United States and many of us slept or watched some movies to help pass the time. We landed in Houston and once again cleared customs and security (phew). We passed the time in the Houston airport with countless walks, shopping, and playing a last couple rounds of “The Mind,” a favorite game on this trip. We then boarded our second to last leg of the trip and flew to Chicago Midway. We are currently on our way back to Hope. We have enjoyed our time together and are sad to see this trip end.

As we reflected on our trip throughout the last 24 hours, we are thankful for the amazing memories, great friends, and life lessons that were created on this trip. We have truly come to appreciate all the beauties of our world. We realized how fortunate we are to have clean water at our fingertips. The kids and adults we were surrounded by filled us with so much joy and although communicating was hard we were able to use sport to develop relationships and lifegiving experiences. God has worked in and through each one of us and we are excited to take this excitement home wherever that might be.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers throughout our trip. We can’t wait to share all our amazing stories. The Lord is moving in powerful ways in each of our lives and we pray it continues into the rest of our summer and school year.

Signing off from Costa Rica,

Dut (Emma), Tigger (Allison), and Megatron (Meg)

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