Welcome back to the Orientation Blog! Today, Assistant Director Haley is giving some Words of Wisdom on the 4th message of Orientation, Be a Good Human:

Being a good human means living in a way that shows care and love for the people and the planet around you. It can be easy at college to put the emphasis on school. While classes are important and a big reason why you’re at Hope, I encourage you to also put effort into being intentional in the ways you interact with those around you. 

At Hope, I have experienced the unique love and light from so many good friends, classmates, and professors. I learned from my religion professor that being a good human means being patient and being willing to have difficult conversations. I learned from the TEDx speakers that being a good human means standing up for what you believe in. I learned from a close friend that being a good human means extending a hand and simply sitting with people in tough times. I have discovered that in my life, being a good human means taking care of the planet and doing what I can to make sustainable choices. 

Whether this looks like inviting a classmate to sit with you at lunch, asking your neighbor in your residence hall if they want to go to chapel, or simply letting a friend know you are thinking of them through a stressful week, it is crucial to be kind to the people around you. It is also important to show humility and learn from the people around you. My faith is very important to me, and I think that being a good human has a lot to do with living a life like Jesus. Being a good human is rooted in action, so be bold and brave in the way you love those around you!

Haley Katenin is a rising senior from Quincy, Illinois studying Biomedical Engineering with an Electrical emphasis with a Neuroscience Minor.

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