Over the past few years of Orientation at Hope, the team has developed five messages that are intended to help students transition into their time at Hope. These five messages are meant to shape and guide your first-year experience as well as your subsequent years at Hope. As you think about and prepare for this next chapter, we hope these five messages stick with you and encourage you. 

Believe in Yourself

Have faith in your abilities and confidence in yourself! Learning how to believe in yourself will help you create a Hope experience that works for you and help you to become an advocate for yourself and the things you are passionate about. 

Ask for Help

We know this is not always easy, but asking for help is often one of the most important things you can do throughout your time at Hope. Asking for help connects you with people, builds up courage and vulnerability, and can help make your experience even richer than you anticipated. 

Mindset Matters

Having a positive attitude and outlook can impact your experiences in big ways. Going into this new chapter, your outlook on navigating this unknown environment will help you to find your place and transition into the Hope community. Adversity may not be in your control, but how you react to it is!

Value Differences

Everyone that you encounter will have had experiences different from your own. These are the experiences that shape who we are, and it is important to be respectful of everyone’s stories, despite the circumstances. Our differences are what make us stronger, more interesting, and more human. 

Be a Good Human

Most importantly, being compassionate and open-minded will only benefit you in your Hope journey. Valuing differences, having a positive mindset, believing in yourself, and having the courage to ask for help simply aren’t possible without open-mindedness! Seeing the good in others and yourself will set you up for greatness in all aspects of your life.

Over the course of the next few weeks, some of your Assistant Directors will share how these messages have impacted them in their experiences as students and as leaders within Orientation. We hope that their stories not only inspire you, but encourage you to dive in during your time at Hope and take advantage of all the opportunities that will come your way!

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