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Campus Life

Will the weight room be open? Until the governor allows fitness centers to be open, the Dow and DeVos are not allowed to be open. We do not know when that will be, but as soon as it’s allowed, the Dow will have policies and protocols in place to allow the facilities to be open. Likely phased in. 

What will dining be like with social distancing? It will be different. They have to follow the restaurant limits and guidelines set forth by the state and the CDC. There will be no self-service stations. You will have to wear a mask standing in line outside the dining hall and inside the dining hall. Depending on capacity limits, you may get to eat your meals outside! More information directly from the dining hall staff is in the Navigating your Wellness video from July 7.

Will they have the Meijer shuttle this year? Yes! We are not sure which day it will run, but it will be available to you!

Financial Aid 

Are we going to get any more info about the financial side of Hope? You can check out the business services website or email business services with your specific questions! They are super helpful! They can help you find a payment plan that works for you and your family to help you be a successful student.


Are we going to be able to study in other spots that are not our dorms?Yes, you can always study outside in the Pine Grove or at any of the picnic tables around campus (though if you use them, you will be expected to clean them before and after!). There will also be limited seating in the common spaces for students to use when they study (remember to clean up after!). You can also go to the coffee shops around campus or off-campus to study as well!. My favorite study spots include the rocking chairs outside of campus ministries and LJs!

Will we have to wear masks in class? Yes, you will be required to wear masks in any areas where you will be with people outside of your living cohort. This includes classrooms, campus buildings, and any hallways or walkways where you will pass people shoulder to shoulder.

Where can we get textbooks that are cheaper? Hope bookstore has a really great price comparison website that you can use. They compare prices at the bookstore and other third party sites. Also, check Amazon! Be sure to pre-order your books before the school year starts for a safe, socially-distanced delivery

Residential Living 

Will we need special tools/materials to raise our bed? Sometimes! It is helpful to bring a rubber mallet, a level, and a strong person to help loft your bed. It is not always necessary to use these, but sometimes beds can be finicky. And, just some inside info, you cannot loft your beds in certain residence halls. For instance, in Dykstra, you cannot loft your bed, however you can bunk the beds.  

Can you loft your bed in Phelps? Yes!

Do we have physical keys to get into our dorm rooms? Depends on the residence hall! Dykstra, Wyckoff, Scott, and Lichty are a few examples of residence halls with keys. Phelps has a swipe card (like a hotel). Kollen has a keypad!

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