FAQ Friday Re-Cap 6/18

Welcome back to the Orientation blog! This FAQ Friday was all about registration and classes. Make sure to fill out the Registration form by June 23! Information can be found in the Tuesday Tidings emails.

What is on the registration form?

The registration form will ask you a bunch of questions about your interests and what you might be thinking about majoring in. The Registrar’s office will then take that information and curate a schedule for you! It takes the pressure off of figuring out your first semester of classes. 

When do you register for your first semester classes?

It’s all done through the Registration form. The form is due June 23rd!

What if I don’t know what I want to major in or I have multiple interests?

No worries! Indicate as many interests as you can, but otherwise there is an option for undecided. The schedule that the Registrar creates will have a variety classes in it so that you can try a bunch of different things!

How does registration work after the first semester?

Your first academic advisor will be the professor of your First Year Seminar (FYS). They will meet with you before registration for the following semester to talk about how the current semester is going and what classes you want to take in the future, and even help you declare a major! After you declare a major, you will be assigned an advisor within the department of your major. 

What is FYS?

FYS stands for First Year Seminar and is a topic based class that focuses on how to be a student at Hope College. Other schools sometimes have a “College 101” type course, but FYS is a little bit more specific and caters to your interests. You are able to rank your ten favorite FYS topics on the registration form. More information about FYS can be found here!

How do I order textbooks for the fall?

The bookstore will email you this summer when the ordering process for fall textbooks will begin! They have a great online resource that compares prices of other textbook websites so that you know you are getting the best deal. There are other resources for textbooks that exist, but we think the safest option is to order from the bookstore because they have all of the information about what author and edition each class needs! Textbooks will be ready to be picked up during Orientation weekend before classes begin on August 31st.

How do I build relationships with my professors?

Go to office hours! Most professors have office hours: a time when their students can stop in to ask questions and chat. All faculty and staff at Hope are so interested in getting to know students so we highly recommend getting to know them too!


Is it possible to do research as a student at Hope?

Yes! There are so many possibilities for undergraduate research at Hope. If you find something you are interested in during your first year or a professor you enjoy, talk to them about research opportunities!

Thanks for joining us for this FAQ Friday Re-Cap. Feel free to reach out to us via email (orientation@hope.edu) and follow us on Instagram (@hopeorientation)! See you soon!

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