We have another FAQ Friday ReCap for you! It’s hard to believe we only have two more weeks until Orientation begins… We can’t wait for you to arrive!

Before we get to the answers to your questions, though, we thought we would provide the link to the Student and Family Meeting from July 23. President Scogin, Provost Short-Thompson, a few of the COVID-19 Steering Committee members, as well as a bunch of campus leaders talk about what Hope will look like in the fall. This includes Hope’s plan for testing students and staff, how classes will work in-person and online, and more information about living cohorts from Res Life. We highly encourage you to watch this because our campus leaders answer so many great questions!

You can also go to hope.edu/coronavirus to ask and get answered any questions you may have!

Alright, let’s get back to FAQ Friday!


What things will you have for people moving in early? Your RAs and living cohort friends will be available to hang out with and such. We also encourage you to explore downtown, walk around campus, get prepared for school to begin (ie. pick-up your school books from the bookstore). Orientation will also host some evening events that are centered around becoming familiar with Hope culture.

I’m coming in the spring enrollment. Will there be another orientation for the Spring enrollment? January orientation!

Campus Life

For meal plans, is it a total of 15 meals for the week or a certain amount per day? The meal plans are your meals per week, and there is not a limit to meal swipes per day.

I have classes that start 10 minutes apart! How does that work?? It only takes 7 minutes to get across campus, so this shouldn’t be a problem! YOu can talk to your professor if you’re still nervous about arriving late, though, and they are usually understanding. Otherwise, riding your bike to class can make for a speedier commute.

Will chapels still happen? And if so, what will it be like? Hope just announced on Thursday that Chapels will be offered online at the normal times (MWF at 10:30am). If you want some examples of what this could look like, please check out the virtual chapels from last spring. This will be fun because chapels will be available at any time now!


Will most of the extracurriculars still happen because of COVID? Yes! They just may look a bit different. Student groups will have to abide by the same guidelines as the rest of campus, so we may see some virtual events and smaller events throughout the year.

What are intramurals sports like? Teams will compete at night and the games last less than an hour. You can have a team of up to 12 people and you can choose to compete in the more or less competitive leagues. Keep an eye on your email for the “captain’s meetings” at the beginning of each season. This is how you will be able to form a team for whichever sport you would like to play!

Where is the best spot to go hammocking? On-campus, I like the cluster of trees outside of Voorhees or anywhere in the Pine Grove. Off-campus, I like to go to Tunnel Park at the top of the hill! There are so many great, woody areas around campus that you’ll d=find the spot that you prefer!

How can a student get to the beach without a car? You can go with friends in their cars! The beach is only 5 miles from Hope, so you can totally run or bike there as well. 

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