Special Thanks to all our Summer Student Library Workers!

So, you might wonder what the library staff does during the summer months….

Of course the library is open and of course our staff is busy, especially our amazing student workers who are currently working hard during the summer months not only in their regular jobs but also:

• Assisting patrons at all service desks
• Taking down and re-arranging the current journals shelving ranges on 1st floor
• Taking Inventory
• Shifting books in Reference and also shifting books on the second floor to remove 56 shelves
• Covering the music library
• Mail Courier runs
• Running the Half A Cup & Chaucer
• Assisting with a journal list of electronic sources and short runs
• Cleaning out the storage room
• Dusting every book and shelf in the entire library!!!


With such a great library crew we thought they deserved a treat at the beach!

Thank you to all our summer student worker for all you do here at the library!

– Rachel Bishop, Librarian

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