Faculty Donate New Book

Barbara and Richard Mezeske dropped by the library to donate a copy of their new book, Beyond Tests and Quizzes: Creative Assessments in the College Classroom, which they co-edited. The book comes hot off the press from Jossey-Bass, October 2007. Contents of the book include chapters by a number of Hope College faculty including Janis Gibbs, Kathy Winnett-Murray, Thomas Smith, Lee Forester, Elizabeth Trembly and Susan Cherup, Michael Misovich and Roger Veldman, Richard Ray, Rhoda Janzen, Mary DeYoung, David Schock, and Scott VanderStoep.

Faculty Donate New BookLeft to Right: Kelly Jacobsma accepts book from Barbara and Richard Mezeske.

The library attempts to collect all books published by Hope College Faculty. They are shelved in a special Hope Faculty Publications collection near the Reference Desk on the first floor of Van Wylen. In addition, the library maintains the official college Bibliography of Publications by Hope College Faculty. We rely on authors to submit information on their publications in order to keep the bibliography up-to-date. The bibliography includes books, stories, poems, plays, journal articles, chapters in books, reviews, musical and other recordings,choreographed works, CD-ROMS, computer programs and patents, etc. issued during the current year. Bibliographic information must be submitted by the end of February in order to be included in the upcoming 2007 bibliography. Bibliographies for previous years, including a cumulative collection, are also accessible from the library’s website.

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