Accessing Journals through the Library Website

cover Van Wylen Library currently has access to over 47,000 unique journal titles. The best way to find out whether or not the library has access to a particular journal title is to select the “journals” tab of the library’s website. The “journals” tab is located in two places for your convenience: either at the top of the website or on the left side bar.

This is the most complete list of all journals to which the library has access. While most journal titles are listed in HopeCat, several journal titles are not listed in the catalog for a variety of reasons. So we are suggesting you use the Journals tab for access.

If you know the exact name of the journal title, simply enter the title in the search box. If you know a few words in the title, you may select the “title contains all words” option from the drop-down menu and enter the words you know. If you happen to know the journal’s ISSN number, you may also find the title by entering the ISSN in the appropriate search box.

coverrIf you would like to browse journals in your subject area, you can select the “journals by subject” option. You may choose from the fourteen broad subject areas and then select from the various subtopics within each subject area.

Once you have found the journal title you would like to access, links are provided to various electronic resources where the full-text title will be found. Specific date coverage information is given for each resource. If Hope College owns the selected title in print or microform, a link will be provided to HopeCollege/WTS Journal Holdings. By selecting this link, you will be taken to HopeCat, the library’s online catalog where the record for that journal title will include information regarding current issues, bound or microform format. Van Wylen Library currently subscribes to approximately 400 journal titles in print.

If you need further assistance locating journal titles, please contact a librarian via chat, via email (, or by calling the Reference Desk at x7904.

— Gloria Slaughter, Technical Services Librarian

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